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magicka sorcerer + stamina nightblade PVP DUO

Hey everyone

I am playing a magicka based Sorcerer lvl 48 and my friend is a stamina based Nightblade lvl 47

We have been mainly out for PVE i.e. simply levelling & going through dungeons

Now we are thinking into going out to Cyrodiil for PVP content

The question I wanted to ask you guys, which set up do you personally think will suit Nightblade, being a partner of a Sorcerer

What I am trying to say is which pvp build would suit a Nightblade to be a good partner to a Sorcerer

Since we are playing this game only together, it is very important for us to have synergy

I am 100% solid on staying a magicka Sorcerer, unlike my friend who plays with Nightblade & is even unsure whether which weapon he should play with (in PVP)

Or if you may, you can simply lay down two PVP builds of Sorc + NB with best synergy, like which two PVP builds would really create a strong synergy

My friend wants to stick with stamina build, so the PVP builds we are looking for are stamina based

Thanks to everyone in advance
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magicka sorcerer + stamina nightblade PVP DUO 9 votes

One hand & shield + Dual Wield
One Hand & shield + Two Handed
One hand & shield + Bow
Dual Wield + Dual Wield
Dual Wield + Bow
Dual Wield + Two Handed
Two Handed + Bow
Solarikenpotirondb16_ESOToRelaxXvorgSmoltChelisterDannyLV702AmericanfunguyAnti_Virus 9 votes
Two Handed + Two handed handed
  • Solariken
    Two Handed + Bow
    Even with some nice changes to dual wield coming in the DB DLC, I am pretty confident that 2h will remain the superior PvP single target burst weapon for stamina characters.

    As far as synergy, all he needs to do is use Piercing Mark and Incapacitating Strike and your enemies will melt. If he wants to stay at range he can use Lethal Arrow with Mark. He can also use his shade and you can both teleport around causing extra confusion and chaos. :)
  • ToRelax
    Two Handed + Bow
    Two hand for heal and weapon damage buff, bow for speed and ranged attacks. With a Sorc/NB combo you are confronted with two rather exclusive escape mechanisms. A Sorcerer can escape in any direction without planning much ahead, but has to use the environment/LOS to get out of enemy gap closer range. A NB can only teleport to a position he had been at before, and if he manages to not be detected after cloaking, better doesn't always go to the one position where one would expect him to go. That's why the NB has to be very mobile, so you can find one another again before one is overwhelmed.
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