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Soul Shriven
Can anyone explain how this works, or tell me if it's just "the way stuff is"?
I keep finding gear that appears to be a higher level style, but it's not higher level, and looks like it's crafted with lower level gear.
The example attached is an Altmer jerkin, which is L15, and looks to be made of linen or homespun, but it's clearly in the style that can't be crafted below Cotton, which would make it L25 or higher... I'm very confused. Does this mean that non-player crafts people are simply able to craft things more skillfully than PCs can? What gives?

Here's the piece I found: eb5de2458fa72ca5e091574bade76b20.jpg

Here's the crafted style: 211ae4fdb56f3f678d5e0c8a574e7c60.jpg
  • Nestor
    One thing to remember, the no or low value items that are stolen or looted from containers have the same look as Epic or Gold Improvement. That could account for the difference you are seeing. Also, some looted items are improved above White, so they can look a little different.

    There are styles that drop that are not craftable, although that does not happen all that often. Usually it is specific set items that come this way, if they do at all.

    If you want to see what other crafted styles look like, see ESO Fashion, they have most of the dropped and crafted ones in pictures (its the really new crafted styles that may be missing)

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  • FathomsDeep
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks for the reply! I actually did identify this as Altmer via ESO Fashion. The piece shown is not improved (Or wasn't when I found it. I improved it myself.) So, for someone who is as interested (or more) in appearance as in stats, dropped/looted/stolen gear offers looks that you can't craft at all. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. (Also, this wasn't part of a set, had no traits, or enchantments.)
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