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This is getting really frustrating

Jeezes... this is getting rediculus!

I open the game, log in, select my character. and then I get booted out. No error message until I try to log on again... and this ends up being diffrent ones... 200,201,300 Depends on the mood I guess...

Still... It wasn't like that before. It used to be really stable.

I have tried repairing, changes nothing.
Reinstall the game, been there done that.
Reintall windows, yupp
Checking for latest driver, yupp...
Am I able to run this game... One should think so... And yes... it is DX11 supported...

I have noticed though. that whenever I use my internet for something onmiuos like skype. Game logs off... No your using alot of internet on something else high ping kinda thing... That only happends when your servers are having problems...

Is there some logish thing I can open to see what makes the game log off? Would be really great.
  • TheCatataFish
    Ok guys, here's the deal:

    Over the weekend, all European megaservers were targeted under a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack which lead to poor in-game performance and disconnections. In response to this, we activated a mitigation system to fight off the attack and allow players to log in again. While this system enabled the majority of our players to get back into the game, there was a side effect to the traffic flow which resulted in a few PC players being unable to log in until we turn off the mitigation due to variations in PC hardware.

    We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, and appreciate your patience.

    Quoting from a different thread with the same problem.
    CPU:AMD FX8350 OctaCore GPU: AMD R9 270x Factory Overclocked RAM: 8GB Crucial DDR3 OS:Windows 10
  • Voidly
    "mitigation system side effect" This is ***.
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