Roleplayer on PTS...with questions!

So new to PTS here and my feedback will primarily be from a roleplayer's perspective. You've got lots of good people giving you great feedback on mechanics so I will likely not have too much to add there. Save to say...make stam sorcs better! LOL Anyway...

Why aren't ALL the dyes unlocked?

Why aren't the vampire and werewolf skill lines maxxed out like the new Thieves Guild?
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  • Taleof2Cities
    Great question ... as I don't think a whole lot of players have tested the dye system in PTS.

    Some dyes are pretty difficult to unlock (e.g. the purple for the Molag Bal event in the Imperial Sewers. ZOS has had a tough time getting the NPCs to spawn ... even across platforms). So, agree, having them unlocked would help.

    Unfortunately, forum-goers (including myself) have posted a number of threads already on the skill lines. Add to your list Provisioning and Legerdermain amongst others. Also, armor and weapon traits start at zero research in PTS on template characters ... so there's no way to test crafted armor combinations with new PTS sets.

    To sum up, it's a long laundry list of items that we can't test in PTS because it's locked. Best we can do (have done) is to keep posting in the forums ... and hope some day the devs notice.

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  • Abeille
    It isn't bothersome only for role play, it also prevented me from testing how Clouding Swarm is working with the changes to stealth.

    They need better templates.
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  • MornaBaine
    Yeah I'm just really surprised that EVERYTHING isn't available. Just...WHY ZoS????
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