Who did you sacrifice? (SPOILER)

  • Jura23
    Lyris Titanborn
    Because I wanted to see how upset Sai Sahan would be. He didnt quite meet my expectations, but thats what you get when you are saviour of the world. I never thought about sacrificing Varen. He was my mentor all along, I respect him more than any other NPC in this game.
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  • SturgeHammer
    Varen Auilarios
    I once saw a player named "AlwaysPickAquilarios". After I got to the point in the story to make the connection, that is who I picked, and that's who I've picked every time since then.
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  • The_4O4
    Sai Sahan
    Sai seemed to be in so much pain from being tortured in Coldharbour for so long. I figured he deserved some peace.
  • rrico_76
    Varen Auilarios
    I choose Varen 'cause he cheated me before, you know, about his personality. And we know well that he has zero chances for long living, dont we? ;)
  • MattT1988
    Sai Sahan
    Sai Sahan......because I wanted his sword.
  • DannyLV702
    Varen Auilarios
    The choice was clear
  • Cathexis
    Sai Sahan
    Back in the day Sai's sword was a good weapon.
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  • Wreuntzylla
    All three of them on different characters.
  • Volkodav
    Lyris Titanborn
    Lyris because she wouldnt want to live without Sai,her man.And he has a Warriors outlook on life,so keep him.
    I hate,..hate,..when I killed Varen! I felt left all alone. :{
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  • Duiwel
    Sai Sahan
    I am an Imperial so the choice was obvious.
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  • Brrrofski
    Varen Auilarios
    All 6 times.

    All he does is open portals. Doesn't pull his weight at all
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  • Texwa
    I pick Varen each time. I know he started it but based on being mislead. I pick him because I think he truly wants to atone and would be crushed if anyone else gave themselves in his place.
  • Ilsabet
    Varen Auilarios
    I picked Varen because I didn't want Sai or Lyris to have to go on without the other when they had the potential to finally be together. Schmaltzy reason I guess, but when I thought about taking one person out of the world, it made the most sense to leave the two of them here. I don't really hold the entire situation against Varen, and I wasn't as mad about him hiding his identity as the game seemed to expect me to be, but his life had pretty much run its course.

    It made me happy afterward when Sai and Lyris said they were going to go help rebuild the Abbey together, since it seemed like a fitting payoff for my choice. (It was a little bittersweet but also made me smile a little after the emotional trauma of losing the man my character loved during the final assault; it was nice to see that at least one pair of lovers would get to be together. But that's just me reading my own headcanon into it. :))

    Next time I might make my choice based on the weapon reward that would be most useful for me (a healing staff is not the greatest for a stamblade DPS), but for my first playthrough I decided to go with my feels.
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  • Spacemonkey
    Sai Sahan
    Sai because he convinced me too.

    He actually had pretty good arguments.

    Since I didn't really care who died I figured I'd acquiesce to his request instead of the other two because they really failed convincing me of anything.

    Lyris is just one big failure so I stopped listening to anything she says ages ago.
    And I figured Varen ought to keep living, he doesn't deserve peace.
  • LaucianNailor
    Varen Auilarios
    I went with Varen on my first run through, but have sacrificed all three now after a further 2 Alts ran through the quest just to see the different dialogues. Boy oh boy did Sai hate me on the last run ;)
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  • Haulinash
    Lyris Titanborn
    First time, Lyris - she missed her family. Besides, her doppelganger was a pita and she was zero help.

    Second time, Sai Sahan - he has an awesome sword.

    Third time, Varen Auilarios- he lied to me about who he was. Who knows what else he's lied about?

    If I could have, I would always choose Abnur Tharn. Smug SOB reminds me of a lot of people you see in chat- knows everything about everything and always willing to point that out every chance they get.

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  • HappyHaunt
    Sai Sahan
    Sai, but only because he really seemed to want to be the sacrifice. I didn't enjoy that choice at all; even if Tharn had been a choice it would have been difficult for me. But my consolation is that I kicked Molag Bal's ass, and Sai helped me do it.
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  • Mr.Hmm
    Sai Sahan
    Should have picked Varen..... I deeply regret it now...
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  • Mason22
    Sai. I didn't like him.
  • CamBam370
    Varen Auilarios
    the barren varen
  • Kelces
    Lyris Titanborn
    Sovengarde FTW!
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  • CherryCake
    Varen Auilarios
    This was such a hard decision!!! :( But I had to go with Varen, because he is old and wanted Sai and Lyris to be together FUREVUUUURRRRRRR <3
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  • Aunatar
    Varen Auilarios
    Can't ruin that love story by saving an already dying deaf old man!
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  • bryanhaas
    Varen Auilarios
    Varen, kinda seemed like the plane was his fault.
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  • KrayzD
    Soul Shriven
    Leplyn wrote: »
    Id like to know what weapon you get from giving up Lyris, anybody know?

    I finished with a Vet lvl 2, = GREAT AXE OF THE TITANBORN.
  • Anil235
    Lyris Titanborn
    I picked Lyris as the other 2 wanted a good death where as Lyris didn't want a "good death" for selfish reasons only.
  • Youdey
    Sai Sahan
    Can't be sacrificing Dumbledore, so Varen is safe. Lyris was there from the beginning, so my vote goes to Sai. I want the sword and I distinctly remember one quest where I was told to wait for Sai Sahan to catch his breath!.....stuck in my memory and swayed my vote!
  • Rawst
    Sai Sahan
    Sahan didn't communicate that much with me, I had no attachments. Lyris and the prophet felt more active and initially I didn't want them to die. I don't really like Lyris either though, in the second run I killed her off. Then the prophet. So... All of them.
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  • Valerien
    Sai Sahan
    Sai is just too stupid to live, hides the key in a crypt when fighting a necromancer who then as a red guard ends up killing his ancestors which must disgrace him. He then leads the big bad to the amulet. His lucky he lasted as long as he did, though in fairness I'd have killed all of them for such powerful hero's they were all useless in combat yet constantly made comments about their combat prowess.
  • snorlockb16_ESO
    First time I killed Sai because I wanted Lyris to suffer. The game seems to assume that she and I are such great friends. She lied and used me from the start, and really only added stress and conflict with her constant threats at Abner Tharn. Tharn was loyal to the Empire and genuinely sensible. He was a fun character and his sarcastic wit was realistic for a high ranking noble. Lyris' antagonism was mostly irrational.

    Second time I killed Varen, just to do something different, and because there was a poetic finality to him ending what he started. Regardless of Mannimarco's manipulations, Varen started it with the sole motivation of gaining even more power. There was no other need at the time to use the Amulet, it wouldn't have solved any existing problem.

    Just about to kill Lyris to complete my collection.
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