Looking for a guild on ebon heart

Soul Shriven
hi i'm looking for a mature casual guild to join on ebon heart eu to run some dungeons and imperial city and a bit of pvp i was one of the leaders of the blood of rakaa werewolf guild but have just come back to the game after a break and no one is playing any more i have a level vet 14 and on my way to 16 would love to group up give me a shout in game @yolander
  • EllieBlue
    Hey yolander,

    The Spirit of Nirn is a multi faction, multi national social, casual pve guild created with the idea of providing a space where everyone can feel at home - somewhere we can all hang out, have a nice relaxed atmosphere, have a cracking banter about anything and everything (well, almost everything!) and do things together. No one will be forced to do anything or join any event if all you want to do is to just chill and do nothing.

    We have a guild trader, TS3 and a website. We currently have about 400+ members - both new and experienced players. We run organised events as well as impromtu adventure in Tamriel and of course, daily dungeon trips.

    Check out our website thespiritofnirn.gamerlaunch.com. Feel free to contact us in game @EllieBlue or @Gamersflame for invite.
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