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Old/New player Seeking Guild

Soul Shriven
Hey all,

I purchased this game when it first came out for me and my brother to play, After a while we stopped playing, Now I am getting back into it with the possibility of looking to play a loong time..., Now
I am hoping for a guild that will assist me and i can assist them hopefully develop together, a guild thats wants its members to be apart of it rather than just show their tag around everywhere... Grow and making friends in the guild.

Open to any guild

I'm level 19
High Elf Templar
IGN: Khulgon
  • EllieBlue
    Hey Khulgon,

    You can check us out at We are a social, casual pve guild but also doing some pvp. You can try it out with us for a few weeks and see if it fits into what you are looking for.

    Please contact my co-GM, via mail in-game: @gamersflame for an invite as I am currently away from eso until 5th Jan. Do indicate which guild you would like to join (TSoN) as we also run a trading guild, Nirn Traders.

    Just introduce yourself in the guild chat and join in the conversation. Our guildies are pretty cool with our new members.


    Nirn Traders GM (est 2015)
    Semi-retired. Playing games for fun.
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