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Julianos Set 2nd Item Adds Nothing

I noticed on Monday afternoon that my 5 pieces of Julianos were not giving me the spell crit that I was getting last week. I have checked this repeatedly and it is repeatable. The first add for having 2 pieces does nothing. I do not get any spell crit increase. I do get 3.1% for the 3rd piece along with it's maximum magicka increase. The fourth and fifth pieces add what they should. It's pretty irritating to need to go back to my V14 set to get better dps.
Does anyone else have this happening?
  • The Uninvited
    The Uninvited
    It's happening on other sets too (Torug's Pact), but it seems to be purely UI related.

    Which means the set does still apply the bonus, but it doesn't show the bonus on your character screen. None of this has been confirmed by ZOS, however.
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  • Trihugger
    I thought my damn crit seemed low! I had changed to the atro mundus for sustain reasons around the same time so I was honestly just thinking the thief sign was that much of a badass lol.
  • Ulfson
    I got curious about this because my dps dropped on Monday and I started looking at the combat log and the num of crits is down. I think this is not just a UI output error and is not working. But dps is rather finicky or whimsical and it could be my few hours of playing was just not up to my usual crummy self.
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