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Dragon Knight Stamina build tips?

We all know that the dragon knight has been severely nerfed for whatever reason but this class' abilities to control the battlefield is something that I really enjoyed. I used to play as a tank and held my own against high dps builds but now that's nearly impossible. It seems that the dragon knight is only really good for dot now and I am not a fan of that at all but it is what it is. I recently got back to playing eso and my dragon knight is getting owned to the point that I had to make a new character (imperial stamina Templar) just to enjoy the game again. I' ve tried lefty Lucy's and deltias builds but a lot of their builds require gear that is hard to get if you play solo. I am going for a dps or tank build, honestly which ever one can survive imperial city. Does anyone know of any stamina dk builds that are valid for pvp/imperial city? ...side note: What's with everyone being a 2h/dw or bow sorcerer, did I miss something these past few months?...
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  • LoreRiley
    PM me and Ill give my OP sexy build to you
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