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Level based campaigns

I have been leveling a new character, I am at V6 and geared very well. But the problem is that the difference between V1 and V16 is night and day. At this point I seem to only have 3 options for PVP A.) battle level which makes me hit like a wet noodle B.) turn off battle level and get smoked by V16's 3.) run with a big group so I don't die, re spawn, die re spawn. Another option is to not PVP and just grind to V16 but I HATE grinding, especially new characters. Then I had this great idea what if campaigns were level based. No battle leveling just having campaigns as follows V1-6, V6-12, V12-16. I believe this would make PVP more competitive and reduce zergs a bit.

Thoughts on this?
  • rordogg
    I mean V1-V16 isn't huge unless you're going against some whole is completely geared out with all legendaries. Yeah theirs a difference. But skill will make or break the fight. Thing is most campaigns are so empty as it is that if we were to split people up by level they'd be even less populated
  • Cody
    you are V6? You can take on V16s at V6. It will not be easy, but you can do it.

    Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. I too hate the mind numbing PvE in this game. In theory, its best to grind it out to V16, and that's what people will tell you; but let's face it, we both know you will not be able to stand the PvE grind; I can barely stand PvE from 1-49 nowadays:/ Here is my advice to you if you choose to go to PvP now:

    1. at that point, its mainly a gear difference. Stat-wise(health, mana, and stamina) you are not THAT far behind;( maybe by a thousand points or so) if you are decent with your build, you have a shot.
    2. try to turn the V16s strength against them.

    I know that sounds ridiculous, but that is really the best thing you can do. You certainly can't win in a straight up fight due to the gear difference, so your best bet is to go on the counter-offensive. Let them whale on you, expending their resources, then counter attack and do all the damage you can.

    Keep an eye on how your enemy fights. If the V16 likes to do nothing but spam attacks, then defend against them until an opening presents itself, then unleash hell. If the enemy likes to play defensive, hit them with weaker attacks and try to goad them on(DoTs are no longer disabled by blocking, so DoTs will help you in this scenario) until they are forced to expose themselves(but don't leave yourself open!)

    what I am trying to say, is for you to focus on outplaying your enemy. Let them go first, give them a false sense of confidence(since you are V6 that will be easy) when they expose their selves(and they will) take them by surprise and go for it. I Remember back when the cap was Vr10; I was killing VR8s and 10s at VR2:) A lot has changed since then, true, but the principal remains the same. In the end, how well you play will determine the victor. You will be surprised at how many V16s have a hard time with the game. Just do your best and remember, counter offensive:)
  • a1x23
    Don't get me wrong, I can kill v16 players 1v1 but on a consist basis they are just a lot stronger. Which I completely understand cause they are 10 vet levels higher than me. I'm just saying that it would more competitive if there were level based campaigns.
  • mcurley
    They are completely overhauling the Battle Leveling system with Orsinium so theoretically you'll do much better on the 2nd (assuming PC) with Battle Leveling turned on.

    This should.... should... make your level less important in PvP.
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  • Waffennacht
    I was going to post about how you can use battle leveling to your advantage. Seeing as you have both resources at much higher levels you could use stamina moves in a magicka build etc...

    But they are changing it, and with so little time till then might as well just wait it out till you know whats going on.

    I do find it a bit ironic, I always prefer facing higher leveled opponents, killing a lower level is not nearly as satisfying as killing a vet 16. Im sad im almost 16 now.
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