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Glass staff

When a glass staff is equipped it hovers well above your feet. It actually does not hit the ground like all other staffs do. Maybe the staff is too short? Anyone else notice this?
  • Brightxdawn
    Can someone please have a look at this. The glass staffs are too short and don't touch the ground. The graphic looks not right.
  • Moonshadow66
    Sorry for the late reply, I always forgot to check although I planned to..^^
    Anyways, today I finally remembered, and yes, you're right, the staff IS too short and doesn't touch the ground. Looks kinda odd.
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  • Oh_Skrivva
    Maybe someone pulled the short stick out of the bunch
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  • Brightxdawn
    Please fix
  • ZOS_MollyH
    Hi @Brightxdawn !

    The best way to report this would be to submit a /bug report in game. We will forward the information to our engineers. Thanks!
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  • magnusthorek
    Wow... So many things needing urgent fix and this kind of topic show up
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  • pronkg
    Wow... So many things needing urgent fix and this kind of topic show up

    Would you like someone to tell you, your pants is unzipped? Or would you rather have them think, this guy needs so much fixing I'm not gonna bother helping him
    Edited by pronkg on October 29, 2015 12:38PM
  • Brightxdawn
    Its just a heads up
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