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Warrior like PvP class / build

Soul Shriven
Hello, So i just recently picked up the game (Currently waiting for the maintenance to finish to actually be able to play) Now I played a bit back in the alpha / closed beta but honestly didnt have that much fun but my friends who recently picked up the game said it was much better so i figured I would give it a shot.

PvP has always been a more main focus for me in MMO's mainly things like battle grounds and things like those, I enjoy the much larger scale fights however i know classes in this game are a bit wonky in terms of what is what but mainly I am looking for something that's very warrior like either a tanky one hander and shield or running in with a two hander / duel wielding swords and such. So what im looking for is a good build that would fit one of these builds that viable for pvp
  • AfkNinja
    I'm not going to link to any builds as you haven't even chosen a class yet. All four classes can work pretty well as a Stamina (warrior) archetype. Each class gives you something different.

    Nightblade: Stamblades have the highest burst and cloak to get away when shiz gets real. If you wanna be an assassin here you go.
    Sorcorer: Might seem odd to be a "Warrior" mage but this build is present in lore. This is your basic Spellsword. Unreal mobility with Streak and Boundless Storm, can stack weapon damage very high but relies on weapon skill lines for stamina attacks. Limited, kinda random healing with Critical Surge.
    Dragon Knight: This is your tanky warrior, not as mobile but better defenses. Harder to play, needs some love from the Dev team.
    Templar: This is my class and I love it but I can't recommend it. Because Templar heals scale with Magic not stamina the Stamplar kinda loses some direction. Biting Jabs is one of the best DPS skills in the game BUT it gives crowd control immunity at the same time which is frustrating. No Class based AOE CC, only single target CC. High dmg but hard to stay alive in PVP. Wrecks face in PVE.

    Pick one and google some builds and videos then go play and have fun.
  • Soris
    Honestly there are no more "warrior" builds. Currently most melee builds that are viable at some point are just variations of roguish archetypes where you have speed buffs, escapes, elusiveness with a bow in back etc..

    We had that viable warrior archetype builds like 10 months ago. Guess you are a bit late :)
    Welkynd [Templar/AD/EU]
  • Jitterbug
    Well, he's not asking what is best min/max'ed at v16 ...
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