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PS4 / AD / Looking for VR Group/Partner for Leveling

As the title said, i'm looking for a partner or a group for dungeons/grinding to level up in our Veteranranks asap.

PVE-Vamp-Sorcerer on AD, PS4. Currently at VR6, looking to get to VR10 with dungeons/craglorn and then maybe Cyrodiil Quests.

PSN: olimarfr34k
PS4 - EU - PSN: olimarfr34k / YT: olimarfr34k ESO

Altmer Magicka Sorcerer | VMSA Flawless 548k | Immortalix (AD)
Redguard Stamina Templar | VMSA Flawless 558k | Jab on Em (DC)
Redguard Stamina Sorcerer | VMSA Stormproof 557k | Slippery when wêt (EP)
Dunmer Magicka Nightblade | Bombblade Setup | VMSA Stormproof 552k | Emilio La Gucci (AD)
Khajiit Stamina Dragonknight | PvE only | VMSA Stormproof 510k | Cat with Hella Dots (DC)
Khajiit Stamina Nightblade | PvP only | Shadowmeow (AD)
Dunmer Magicka Dragonknight | PvP only | Saltbae (AD)

Soon: Magicka Templar

Vet & HM Clear

#PwNeD is BACK!
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