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The Crusaders of Chaos now looking for anyone

Soul Shriven
Hello there are you a active player or not so active player looking for a new guild to join well the look no more because we are here. Are guild right now is looking for anyone willing to join we are just starting with a players in the guild of just me for now. Here is a few things I would like to have for the guild when it becomes big enough.

Trading: we will have many different ways of trading to players and here are a few
● A guild trader
● A guild store (this will be players selling armors and enchants and more in just some town)
● Normal trading

PVE: We will also be hosting a great verity of PVE events such as.
● Dungeon groups (there will be set amount people that are dungeon master they will always be hosting one dungeon a day.)
● Raid groups ( Well be host a group of 24 pepole to go though bosses that are hard such as in imperal city.)
● World bosses
● and more

PVP: Of corse this will be basically the same as it is.
● Cyordil (most of the pvp we have will be done here)
● Any of map that will come out later with pvp


So if this sounds like a guild you would want to join. Go ahead and send me a massage at.
GAMERTAG: Scarablord92

Or just post your GAMERTAG below and I will send you and invite.

  • F0urPac
    My gt is F0ur Pac
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