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Group Que, Just another way to QQ players when you are bored.

Ok ZOS this is getting pretty bad. Here is the scenario as it played out last night.

AD guild / guilds on true flame have been working pretty hard this week coordinating and trying to control the map. We have at peak time one and a half possible 2 full 24 man raids. DC is pretty much not playing TRUE unless they simply group travel in which they have done on occasion. EP has a decent number homed on there. (to no ones surprise EP is winning)

Last night Azuras EMP group / EP Guild all ported over to True and quickly started retaking the map. While none of them are cheating they are using a mechanic that you should have been removed entirely from the game. I should point out that the AXE campaign EMP group also came over. Yes I suppose all three of those campaign emperors are all part of the same guild.

I can not believe that ZOS intended for this to work this way. It destroys the vested interest of campaigns. Group Que needs to be removed entirely. I have no problem loosing against better players. I have a problem with bullies porting to a campaign that is neither their home or guest campaign just to flex their e-peen.

Remove all group que functions. If ZOS doesn't understand the impact this feature has on the game then something is truly wrong.

Yes last night our counter move to the EP zerg on true was to take our guild group to Azura's and stage a revolt. We almost got the dethrone too but for some funny reason EP's lock out was mysteriously not working.

Stay on your campaign stop zerging others campaigns. I promise, AD can do it too and frankly since we are not winning any significant campaigns, you do not want to anger the Elves further. We can do the same zerg across all the campaign because ZOS has chosen to allow it. I am certain with some diligent organizing we can port 4 or 5 full PVP raids to each campaign and face roll EP, crash the servers, and oh yeah EP's favorite past time (t-bag) everyone. It would be better for EP to stop zerg traveling. It would be in the best interest of ZOS to remove the feature in order to keep balance.
  • Soulac
    We group queue to an another campaign cause our campaign is unplayable or got a queue of around 100.
    Don't like it? Not our problem.
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  • Alomar
    We guested there, not just last night but both Saturday and Sunday, to check out the waters incase we plan to home there when Azura's ends in 2 days time. It has the most competitive open world (Cyro) pvp and multiple DC and AD guilds plan to move there next cycle as well.

    We were also trying to let the AD and DC retake their scrolls in Azura's before reset so we didn't go there to defend it all last night. Sorry that your pvp was more challenging than normal, if you'd like to submit a Haxus Complaint Ticket pls mail me @Alomar and I'll promptly proceed to delete it.

    Last night there was 3 EP pvp guilds (2 regular) and 3 AD in True, 3 EP guilds wiped the 3 AD guilds so much they left, please proceed to bring 5 next time. Also 9-14 people is not a zerg, the zergs were the 40+ who kept dying to us, l2math.
    Edited by Alomar on September 28, 2015 1:51PM
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  • Joy_Division
    Has it ever occurred to you that people hop campaigns to actually PvP and has nothing to do with bullying you or flexing their E-peen?

    Cyrodiil is a wasteland at the moment. It is so hard to find good fights because those people who didn't quit and actually braved ZoS's dubious decisions of Vr16 and a ridiculous gear grind are farming. Still. Here are three things that happened to me over the weekend during primetime:
    • PvP officer in my guild typed "X for sewer grind"
    • Trueflame, supposedly had 3 bars of population for each Alliance. Log into my Red for action. Chalman and Alessia fell undefended. Went to the IC, Memorial District. Nobody there. Where is everyone? I have not been involved in a successful keep defense since the IC patch was released.
    • Myself and ten or so Blues log onto a popped locked Yellow Haderus campaign where the Emperor was online. The entire map was yellow except Brindle. We rode from Brindle all the way to Bloodmayne. Took the Keep. took the scroll. Walked all the way back to Glademist. Parked the scroll. Waited for a response. And waited. And waited. And waited. took Aleswell. Nobody ever came.

    ZoS is probably the only MMO developer to ever release a PvP update that has drastically reduced the amount of PvP. GG.

    Edit: Please please please bring your massive Yellow Zerg to Trueflame so I can actually fight some people. Tell me when this will happen so I won't be sure to miss it.
    Edited by Joy_Division on September 28, 2015 2:00PM
    It's sad the update ZOS devotes to performance improvements has degraded Cyrodiil to lows not seen since the Infamous "Lighting Patch"" of June 2014.

  • kevlarto_ESO
    I agree op, you pick a Home and a Guest, that is where you play, if you made bad choices you move at the end of the cycle, same thing happens on other campaigns the emp is getting close to being dethroned then all the sudden large amounts enemy show up that you never see playing on that campaign, all this moving around and switching factions, is bad for the game, no campaign or faction pride, kills the whole RvRvR spirit for me at least and should never happen.
  • ScruffyWhiskers
    How about we just get rid of the leader boards now that AP really is meaningless besides alliance rank skill unlocks, reduce the number of campaigns and let players go wherever they want whenever they want. Yeah no emperor or rewards (which are sub prime anyway) but the game might be healthier and the pops more balance. Just a thought. I can't see the pop balance or campaign dynamics getting any worse.
  • Pchela
    Good, glad you went to Azura's Buff Star, take back your stuff and give people a challenge there. It's all we want anyways, people to fight, that's why we were on TF. Sick of watching bloody EP fight over who gets to repair walls for AP, sick of watching 20 EP smash down 4-5 enemies trying to take back keeps. It's not healthy for PVP. Isn't that what people want, to fight in Cyrodiil?
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