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Freelance Blacksmith & Clothier PS4

Hi, I am level 50 in both clothing and blacksmithing. If anyone needs anything made, email me exactly what you want. Send me any materials if you have them. I am level 38 in enchanting, so I can put glyphs on them as well. No charge for items made, though donations of gold, tempers, materials, glyphs, and/or runes are greatly appreciated. Email me in game. PSN Silentmase
  • Taylor21554
    Hey my PSN is taylor21554. I'm always looking for a good crafter that wants to make stuff. Ill add you tomorrow. I might want a whole set of magnus
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  • ZOS_Brett
    Sorry Silentmase.

    We are closing this thread because, as stated in this Crafting introductory thread, trading threads aren't allowed on our forums.

    Please use the Guild Kiosks in-game if you want to trade with other players.
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