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Why has ZOS STOLEN our XP?

Dreddnawt wrote: »
I too have been screwed by the xp conversion. My VR14 is now..... VR14. At first glance that may seem to be correct, but lets do the math:

Requires 1,000,000 XP per Rank (from VR1 through VR14 is 13 Ranks)
Upon reaching VR14 the XP bar is filled and we no longer increase normal XP
Bottom Line - A player must earn 13,000,000 XP to go from VR1 to VR14 under the old system

Requires 850,000 XP per Rank (from VR1 through VR16 is 15 Ranks)
Upon reaching VR16 the XP bar is filled and we no longer increase normal XP
Bottom Line - A player must earn 12,750,000 XP to go from VR1 to VR16 under the new system

With the release of IC DLC my maxed out VR14 characters are now VR14 with 849,999 XP
My characters have EARNED 13 Million XP towards Veteran Ranks
My characters NOW have been REDUCED to 11,899,999 XP towards Veteran Ranks
Each Veteran Rank 14 Character in the game has been penalized 1,100,001 XP!!!!

@Devs - Id really like an explanation for this or at least some reasoning behind how you can believe this is fair.

Each and Every Player who has put forth the time and effort to attain maxed Veteran Rank has now lost over 1 MILLION XP!!! Not because of exploits, hacking, or behavior violating the EULA, no, we have all been STOLEN from by the Zenimax Development Team because they decided to change the rules. Instead of granting us the ACTUAL XP value of what we each have EARNED to get us where we were, they nerfed us all down to somewhere much further below what we had attained.

But will they reimburse us with Champion Points, XP Potions, or maybe unlock the last zone worth of VR10 Gold Zone Quests which we have to make up for now? NO! It doesnt appear they will. Off to the grind for you suckers who helped ZOS get the game this far. Shame on us all for being loyal paying customers who actually played the game to the end zones thinking we might achieve something and get to keep it.

~ You take away Stamina Regen, regardless of how many lobbied to prevent that change. (Screw Tanks)
~ You make this grotesquely insane grindfest for 140 Rare Drop items PLUS 350k gold needed for each new Motif. (Screw Crafters)
~ AND you nerf every single player in the game by STEALING XP from all the max Ranked characters? (Screw Everybody)

Whats next? Penalties for using Skills and Abilities? 24 Lock outs for anyone changing zones?
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  • Vaelen
    I had 340 Champ Points before the patch and 340 Champ Points after the patch, where did my experience points toward Champ Points get nerfed? I don't see it, sorry.
  • BlueGreenMikey
    I'm not sure you know what "steal" means.
  • zornyan
    It would have been really stupid to level everyone to VR16 on the day of release, it's not stealing exp, you have the same rank, you have the same CP, so where have they stolen it?

    If they just made each person max rank on release what's the point of increasing the rank?
  • MikeB
    Did you honestly expect to log in to new DLC at max level? Are you kidding me? Please tell me you are trolling and not honestly this selfish.
  • Vaelen
    The only thing I notice that got STOLEN from me this patch was Stam Regen while blocking and the Stam Regen from Werewolf passive.
  • zornyan
    There also a duplicate thread right under this one that ZOS has replied to saying to actually go through each and every characters accumulated exp and add it towards the new leveling system would mean the servers would be down for several days, possibly weeks..

    So your options are

    1. Have the servers down for a week to get them to level you up to VR16

    2. Spend about 4 hours grinding to hit VR16 on release day, actually make that 2 hours as you're basically vr15 to start with.
  • Sanjirou
    Hmm, who cares?

    And one more thing. On the long run you even got a present from ZOS... now you need 150k less for each vet rank....
  • JD2013
    How do they steal your XP? What do you imagine they would do with it?

    Did you imagine you would log in and be VR16? Then what would the point be in doing any of the new stuff?
    Sweetrolls for all!

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    Crafting bag OP! ZOS nerf pls!
  • Xendyn
    Lag is ruinin' my 'mershun!
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  • ZOS_MatM
    Greetings Dreddnawt,

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    Thank you.
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