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Instances for PvE, tiers, difficulty slider

So... I was wondering, and figured it would be nice if PvE content used scaled instances.

Anyone who's in that level range will be put into the same instance.

Not only it will remove the crowds, but also circumvent the problem : you did a bit of extra dungeons, pvp, and end up 10 levels above the content, ruining the fun for yourself and for everyone around.

Instead the mobs just jump to your level range, and the players who are not in that instance simply vanish, much alike to quests which have different setups changing the environs.

Drop would scale as well. So players dont grind the same areas endgame, but rather just pick the one they really like. Like....being a nord you prefer Eastmarch? No problem, mobs will scale to your level. Sure you will find very few adventurers there no problem.

Maybe. For those who are afraid not to be able to find aid for delves, dolmens, can adjust it with a difficulty slide?

Instances are like:
Tier 1 : 5-10
Tier 2 : 10-15
Tier 3: 15-20
Tier 4: 20-25 and so on.

Cities remain the same for everyone.

Level 41 character enters an instance of Level 40-45.
If he's feeling overpowered he can adjust the difficulty of the instance to the one tier lower.
If he's feeling it too easy he can just jump into the higher tier, enemies being +5 levels above his own.

Practically you can change to one tier lower or higher.

You dont have to worry about outlevelling content and lowering the fun. Can adjust difficulty to your own skills and still find other adventurers around.
Poof, crowds are gone as well.

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  • H3Li0S
    This would bring alot of balance issue, grinder will pick the best spot for lvling and just scale the area as needed. It would divide the community even more.

    The idea is good but this is a multiplayer game, this leave too much place for exploit and stuff like that. Would take to much time to balance, quest rewards and all. Dungeon already scale to the player. Raise dungeon XP and adjust drop i would say.

    We don't want to divide the community even more, the 3 faction should be able to play together and do dungeon together. Having different instance would make it worst, this is a mmo, it won't happen.
  • Winterpsy
    Limiting the tiers one can jump into will still have many players playing in that instance imho.
    I just dont want to one hit kill a boss taking the fun away from others in that area, and in the same time wish to enjoy the content as well.

    Overlevelling is unintentional, side effect of trying other stuff too, which is then punished by areas that under level 50 will never catch up with you, and even in veteran regions you will still be 3-4 levels above content, making everything trivial.

    Big fat Nord Dragon knight with a huge hammer. - Tank
    Stealthy argonian witch templar - Healer (lowbie)
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