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Veteran Ranks Question

Hi all,

I recently hit level VR1 after a few weeks of playing ESO...

After reaching VR1 I continued on questing, with my plan to be to eventually work my way to as high VR level as I can...

I was talking to a friend however whilst playing last night, and he told me that it is a waste of time ranking up VR levels as ESO will be removing VR ranks from the game shortly...

I have to admit, the thought of them removing VR levels from the game kind of killed my motivation to keep leveling up my VR ranks, as it could be all for nothing, so my question is, is this true? Or is my friend mis-informed?

I really hope it isn't true, because I would hate to get to VR10 or something and then it all be meaningless if they remove the VR levels :neutral:

Thanks for any help.
  • KerinKor
    ZOS announced last summer VR ranks will be removed, then proceeded to add VR14 and now VR16!

    No one knows if/when they'll do it and they've made no comments whatsoever about what they will replace it with: my own personal opinion is that they probably don't have a clue how to remove the entire high-level progression system from underneath everyone with VR1+ characters, not to mention the massive effects on the crafting system.

    Your concerns are valid, they've been raised repeatedly for the last 9 months and ZOS have steadfastly refused to comment: the addition of VR15/VR16 in IC came out of the blue, there were no hints from ZOS that's what they were planning, so in the time they were still maintaining their published stance that VRs were going they actively designed MORE of them.

    I leave it up to you to decide how much of what ZOS SAY will happen you believe, I merely lay out the un-questionable facts: note in past they said food and drink would be made to stack, then U-turned on that, they said things about the CP system's implementation they went back on, etc. They have form for doing other than they say they intend.
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  • Bherdani
    KerinKor wrote: »
    they probably don't have a clue how to remove the entire high-level progression system from underneath everyone


    The vet system was originally going to be replaced by the Champ system... and you see what happened there. Don't worry about vet ranks, they're here to stay now. Like KerinKor said, it's too much of a pain to overhaul the system and they'd rather spend their time making new content. RIGHT, ZOS? RIGHT?????

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  • Ranique
    As said by others. the announcement that veteran ranks are getting removed is old. As they are going to increase it form VR14 to VR16, it is unlikely it will happen anytime soon. Even if they do, there will likely be some kind of replacement to keep progressions after reaching level 50. So it is also likely that people with VR's will have an advantage there.
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  • BaconMagic
    Don't stop playing, Champion Points are the new carrot. It's only that the stick is much longer.
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