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Why Craglorn has failed, now.

To preface, I am a v11 DPS night blade, I have a Vet 14 templar main and I recently came back to the game last month after taking a break for 4-6 months. I have always been an avid fan of ESO, taking to the PvP and PvE with gutso. I am looking forward to the new update in this game, both the new zone and the pvp.

From what I can see on my computer screen right now are me writing this on the forums and my very sad character to the right, standing in Craglorn. I have hit this brick wall in terms of Craglorn questing and dungeons. There are very few people on in the mornings (Which is the current time at the time of this writing), to do dungeons and questing with in Craglorn. Later in the day, when everyone gets on, I like to log onto my templar and do PvE and group PvP. During the slow times I like to level, which makes for a nice balance of catering to the natural ebb and flow of the game.

At the moment, I am sitting in Craglorn, watching zone chat for groups and questing, and believe me it's the most unfun part of this game. But the fun comes when you get into dungeon groups and finish the delves. So... here's the issue...

I am a V 11 nightblade who has finished Cadwells Gold and Silver, I have done the Cyrodiil quests since time immemorial (or at least since the game came out) and I grinded my Vet 14 templar to finish leveling. Grinding isn't something that is available to me, because of the EXP nerfs combined with the lack of interest in it, but it's mainly due to the XP nerfs.

So... by default the current predicament I am in - is by design. This predicament is, I've been sitting in Craglorn for an hour and haven't been able to find a group for questing or delves. I have consulted all my guilds, the reddit forums and guides on it. All point to one of three options for leveling solo - A) Cyrodiil questing, which is about 10% of one of my levels per questing hub, it's decent - IF - you do not get ganked. B) Grinding, in fact that's what I have made up my mind that I will go do to avoid the horrid group questing mechanic in Craglorn and a lack of a better alternative. C) PvP. Which is slower than dial-up internet.

All of the above responses were suggested by all the people I have asked. No one - has suggested Craglorn questing for solo-ing. I'm sure some of you have done it, but I am a nightblade, it's quite difficult to self-heal (but possible) and I don't want to move towards a tanking build, every time I try and run to to spam AoE, I die... *LOL, as I am writing this, there is someone raging at 'ZOS' for being unable to finish a quest because no one will come help him.*

So here's this issue. Craglorn group questing needs to go. I know it was a huge success when it first came out, but now... it's horrible. Believe me when I say I'd much rather be leveling than complaining here on the forums, but somehow - knowing my opinion which I believe to be the right one and hopefully change the devs mind about Craglorn - is out there, will make the imminent grinding easier.

Craglorn has failed. Please it's your power to make it a success again. Hell I'd be okay with just being able to 2 man the entire zone at least. But please nerf monster damage and health pools in Craglorn. *Sigh... better get the loud music going for some grinding, after I go play some mindless mount and blade: Napoleon wars for a bit*

Thanks for reading this, I appreciate any feedback. - A sincere fan of ESO.
  • Truewan
    And oh dude, try getting into pledges as a 'V11', it's impossible :P lol
  • BlackEar
    I saw your reddit post, so I'll copy my response in here as well:

    I agree there is a flaw in the design. Craglorn was good when it was first released, at least I liked the challenge of group play, but it was easy to see how it would pan out in the long run. Combine this with the previous phasing system and you effectively segregated the playerbase into a lot of tiny bits.

    Now, they have improved the phasing issue but the problem is that a lot of player's have already done the content and there is little to no incentive and/or possibility to go back and re-do it.
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  • Lord Xanhorn
    Lord Xanhorn
    The solution to this problem is very simple and they can likely do it by changing a handful of lines of code. Boost XP from final quest handins for all the repeatable craglorn quests. Period.

    I can do on average about 4-5 quests per hour in Caldwell's silver and Gold and get anywhere from 25-30% of a VR level. That same hour in Craglorn questing is 1 quest and if you are lucky 8-10% of a VR level. The the problem is the quests give the same XP but the craglorn quests are way more difficult if you consider the time it takes to get a group (without a competent LFG tool), the amount of time it takes to complete the quest, and the difficulty of the mobs/bosses. The payoff just isn't there.

    If I could get comparable XP for the time spent then I would exclusively level my VR characters in Craglorn cause the quests are more fun, more challenging, and I like group play. As it is now, Craglorn is completely useless and is not a good alternative for anything in the game except maybe farming materials for crafting.

    Its sad cause I think Craglorn has so much potential.
    I'm kind of a small deal!
  • Maphusail
    Totally agree. Most of the quests in Craglorn (especially main) can only be done in a group of at least 3 men. And it's not about the difficulty, it's about it's mechanics: in some cases you simply need 2 more men to stand on the stone plates which activate some door. Only then you can continue. I came in Craglorn with my V13 templar (if not pvping, I'd have come with only V10) and needed yet to get around 600k to hit the V14 level. And I've completed every quest in Cadwell's silver and gold. I thought it will take me half a day to get this experience but after playing 5-6 hours I realized that my progress was only 5%! That's really annoying and nothing to do solo in Craglorn fue to that quest mechanics, though technically I could do all the ordinary Craglorn content solo and survive.
  • Rosveen
    Truewan wrote: »
    Craglorn group questing needs to go. I know it was a huge success when it first came out
    It was? o.O
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