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Looking for a guild - EU - AD

Hello Guys,

I am a veteran MMO player that have been in all kind of guilds, from social to hardcore. Some of the titles I have played over the years include: WoW, Aion, Rift, SWTOR, Archage, Eve Online and more.
I wanted to experience the main story myself until I join a guild to enhance my ESO experience. I've recently hit V1 with my High Elf Sorc and would like to join a well established guild.

What I am looking for is:

Not too big - since many guilds with huge player pools, just do not work. I prefer small guilds with a core group of players - around 15-30 people.
PvP but also having interest in doing PvE content - I don't choose one over the other. I like both type of content.
Social but organised - let's say with a slight hardcore taste, meaning do not mind to bleed a bit to achieve something :)
Established, owning a guild web site and voice comm software.
Mature +18 or even more - I've recently turned 40 and have seen a lot in other MMOs, so I would like to avoid all childish, drama and whining guild aspects.

Note I do not play every day, every night, it depends on my RL and the weather :), but there are times I play on a regular basis. In other words I am beyond the rule, be there or leave the guild.

I realise my list may look long but I prefer to state those points up front. I am not being lazy and I've done my research but with the recent game changes it is hard to see which guild is active and which not, plus some guilds have some odd rules...

Thanks and perhaps cya in-game

  • GalerionG
    Hi there
    I am the leader of the Fairy's Tail Guild we are small and growing but we would appreciate people with experience in MMO's if you are interested in joining up with our guild feel free to leave your user ID here and I will contact you with a invite or find me in game my user ID is @VaizerdX
  • elemag75
    Thank you VaizerDX for your reply but I have already joined another guild. Have fun and good look!
  • GalerionG
    No Problem man hope the guild you joined is good to you
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