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Clicked the wrong answer.....

Hy there , ingame i clicked on the wrong answer in an conversation and now the whole quest is going in a way i didn´t wanted it to....
Is there any way to go back and try it again?
I know, its a stupid question, but i don´t now where to ask, if not here....
  • Ixtyr
    Unfortunately, no, other than rolling your character back and restarting entirely, you can't undo decisions. It's unfortunate, but there's no undo system.

    EDIT: You may, however, be able to abandon the quest and start over, if you're in a spot where that's possible.
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  • theroyalestpythonnub18_ESO
    Are you at a point where you can abandon the quest and make the decision again?
  • Dominoid
    If it's not finished, just abandon it and pick it back up.
  • pitufo
    Yes, i allready have abandoned and will try it later again, now i´m in an other region......traveling the world :)
    Thanks for your replys!
  • Majic
    Just be sure to shout "Abandon quest! Abandon quest! All hands abandon quest!" and make klaxon noises when you abandon the quest, like I do.

    Makes having to start over a little less painful. ;)
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  • seanvwolf
    abandon the quest. This disclosure was made in tip popups that show up during your first conversation with decision making, talking about how those decisions highlighted in red cannot be changed unless you abandon the quest.
  • Gidorick
    I love that the decisions I make feel like they have some weight to them. I have genuinely felt bad about some of the decisions I have made... but I made the best decision I could.

    Good stuff. :smiley:
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  • Merlin13KAGL
    As mentioned, abandon, restart.

    The good news is, other than some visual effects, there are no real life-altering long term outcomes from any quest thus far.

    In future, perhaps, but as it stands (choosing who becomes leader, for instance) has exactly zero effect on the overall world as you see it.

    It would have been nice if there had been some butterfly effects from this sort of thing, however it would have led to a world where everyone was phased out from everyone else due to a 100 different choices along the way.
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  • MorHawk
    Yeah, aside from dialog there really aren't any quests that make a shred of real difference. Heck, you even get the same loot the vast majority of the time.
    Take for example this one quest where you hunt for some old guy's clue in his will. Find the hidden treasure, and if you keep it, you get like 100 gold or something, but return it and the guy gives you 100 gold as a reward. Really took the wind out of my sails when I figured that one out.
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    I can count to potato.
    another topic that cant see past its own farts.
  • NeroRavenheart
    Ixtyr wrote: »
    Unfortunately, no, other than rolling your character back and restarting entirely...

    Might I ask what you mean by "rolling your character back"?
    Do you mean creating a new character and starting over entirely? because *** that. i know its the only way (unless you guys happen to know some other way to roll back without starting completely over) but *** that. There's one quest in coldharbor that completes as soon as you make the irreversible decision - which at the time i was unaware that THAT was the point that quest was completed, so it doesn't even give you a chance to abandon and restart, nor does it give any indication that you just completed a quest - no rewards no "complete quest" dialogue, it just keeps rolling along after you make the decision - i tried to abandon when i realized that this was going in a direction i didn't like, but it took me back to the beginning of the quest that starts - which i was unaware was a completely different quest - right AFTER you make this decision. i'm really upset at whoever designed this particular quest line, and sure, a tiny bit at myself for wanting to get experimental on the ONE character i said i wasn't going to remake ever.... but had i been notified that i was in fact completing a quest at that moment - like almost every other quest that has irreversible decisions makes sure to do.... instead of being crazy train -ed along without any indication that i had just completed a quest then i would have abandoned before this point of no return - as the tooltip suggests. they do it for nearly ever other quest in the game, so i don't see why not give us a chance to undo our decision here. thanks zeni. now i have to live with the decision to help some foolish shadow hunters kill innocent snake ladies as a "right of passage", even tho ideally i would have abandoned the quest and redid my decision. except i can't. because some genius decided to make them two separate quests >.> technically 3, depending on your decision. *** whoever failed to see to it that we could abandon the quest after making that decision and *** your stupid *** wood elf clan in coldharbor too. they deserved their fate. wish i could kill them off myself. i would if i could.

    but back on topic - is restarting completely what you meant by "rolling your character back"? just trying to get clarification.
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