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Sorcerer Pet Control

Can any experienced Sorcerers please explain how pet control works?

I understand that holding the Pet Command key plus left click or right click will either tell your pet to attack or return to you. That seems to work properly, most of the time. Quote often though, my pet will not automatically attack mobs when I do. I think this happens after I've commanded it to return to me (Pet Command + right click), but couldn't say for sure. Usually I can fix it by commanding the pet to attack something, but sometimes even after that it won't aggro normally and I'll have to re-summon it before it does what it's supposed to.
  • Am I missing something with how the Pet Command key works?
  • Are there some other Pet Command controls I'm unaware of?
  • Is it just bugged?

  • CP5
    I'll chime in here and say you aren't missing anything. When you command pets to come to you, even when they get to you they are still in "follow mode." That is helpful for the twilight for example, for when you want it to not run off and get itself killed, but until you give the kill command they will just follow you. As for them not attacking after a fight ends and another begins (with you ordering your pet to attack as their last order), that's a bug, and we should all take our pets to the vets.
  • Gyudan
    Pet ai is even worse than mob ai. I particularly enjoy watching my atronach doing nothing for its entire duration during boss fights. Even repeatedly commanding it to attack doesn't always work, as you mentioned.
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