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Troll players Guilds can watch out for.

Soul Shriven
Lately I'm seeing numerous players who enjoy making a scene during group storylines and such. I am also certain some guilds do not want bad reputations because of their guild members behaving like trolls in the most obnoxious ways disturbing other players during their sessions.

You can't have a mature guild if some of your members are behaving so immaturely. I find this posting to be more helpful for players who wish not to get involve with these stereotypes. Posting names of the player avatars or their acct names (use of ignore blocks their acct so you see the name).
  • Aetherion86
    Soul Shriven
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  • Sharee
    Naming and shaming other players publicly is forbidden by the forum rules. So you should not do that, even if they deserve it.
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    Per our rules:
    Naming-and-Shaming: We do not allow posts or threads that are created for the purpose of “naming-and-shaming” other community member(s). “Naming-and-shaming” is the act of creating a post to call out an individual or group by name, and making them the subject of public accusation, ridicule and/or shaming. Generally, naming-and-shaming involves an in-game situation and/or Terms of Service violation, which the ESO Community Team is unable to assist with. A certain amount of rivalry and competitive razzing is healthy for any game community, especially one with PVP elements, but naming-and-shaming goes well beyond that. It typically elevates to a point where the subject feels legitimately harassed. We believe that naming-and-shaming posts and threads can be abused and are very harmful to the community. We also don't feel that publicly calling out or accusing others by name on our forums is in spirit of the game or our community. If you genuinely believe someone has violated our Terms of Service, you should report them in-game via the support interface — do not bring the situation onto the official ESO community forums.

    As we do not allow this on our forum, we are now closing this thread.

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