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Gear/sets for 2h nb/temp

So, im planning on playing my stamina nb or templar in pvp. Ill go 2h and bow.
What I havent decided on yet is what sets ill use, for now I have plans to use 5x Arena and 5x shadow walker(nb) or 5x arena or 3x shadow walker and 3x morag tong.

Any input on your own plans? (ive played a sorc in pvp this last year)
Altmer Sorceror, magicka
Bosmer Nightblade, stamina.
Imperial Templar, stamina
Redguard Warden, stamina

Aldmeri Dominion!
PvP only
  • Telel
    Telel uses 5 way of the arena, and 5 Hawk's eye, plus 1 (neck) purple throat scale of the viper. Glyps are mostly +stamina, with stamina reduction ones on jewelry.

    As they utilize a bow, and roll dodge a lot they find this fits their play style and makes up for the loss of damage. In fact their DPS barely shifted at all and they're still quite lethal with the bow, and with their mallet or axe.

    Once 1.6 lands the arena set this one may return to using Hunding's in place of Way of The Arena as the increased crit and weapon damage might be more viable than building for sustaining one's resources.

    Of course they also have access to shadow walker, 3 pieces of morag, and some other items but nothing else feels as 'right' as the combinations Telel has previously mentioned.
    Character: Telel
    Class: Night Blade-Werewolf-viking-ninja-catgirl-mallet wielder
    Past times: Refusing to go full magika spec, hitting things with a big hammer, sniping, and speaking in khajiit
    Also: Gelel the Derp Knight, Altsel the streaker, and Filafel the temp temp.

    Khajiit has a twitch stream! feel free to come see how truly unskilled Telel is.
  • Oughash
    4 Hawk's Eye + 4 Morag Tong is a pretty solid base setup. For a 2h/bow build, it gives you three more slots to mix in some set bonuses that you like.
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