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Standard of Might - Nerfed

  • Lava_Croft
    Sanct16 wrote: »
    I would have been totally supporting further buffs to heavy armor to make it better and maybe some nerfs to 1h&S damage mitigation.
    This is the important part for me too, but I also think it's still too early to really judge how it will turn out once it's been active on the Live server for a while.

    Currently however, it's undeniable for me that Light Armor provides too much protection, turning not just Dragon Knights, but Templars and Nightblades into ridiculous tanks too. Especially I think a lot of the 'DK OP' arguments are caused more by LA than the DK itself.

    But, in the end we both know there will be no shortage of scrubs to farm anyway, just adapt!
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  • Cody
    Lava_Croft wrote: »
    Bouvin wrote: »
    Rylana wrote: »
    RedTalon wrote: »
    Welcome to the nightblade class

    oh thats mature. there was never anything wrong with nightblades to begin with.

    Except Cloak being broken since like 1.3.

    Oh, and Agony being useless.

    And no class based shields like the other classes.

    Other than that, I can agree.
    The lack of class shields on the Nightblade is countered by its unmatched ability when it comes to stealth and burst damage, as well as several class abilities that provide healing.

    "several class abilities that provide healing" my a**. its all HoT that is only worth it if one is a magicka build.
  • thelordoffelines
    I thought this was a dk thread... How did we get to night blades?
  • kendellking_chaosb14_ESO
    Cause I make everything about Nightblades #MasterClass #Sithis #hashtag
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    For the King of Argonia
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