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PTS Patch Notes v1.6

Community Manager

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v1.6, our sixth and largest major content update thus far! We have many significant new features in store for you.

In this update, we’ve added the first phase of the Justice System. This will allow you to commit criminal actions throughout Tamriel such as theft, burglary, pickpocketing and murdering NPCs. We’ve also implemented the third phase of the Champion System, which introduces Champion Points and an entirely new UI where you can use these points to unlock passive abilities. We encourage you to check out the details below to learn how both these systems will work.

Accompanying the Champion System are gameplay improvements, fixes, and rebalancing. This will alter the way you’ve previously played as every ability has been amended in some fashion, differences in armor are more pronounced, critical attack and defense are handled differently, and the scale of numbers across the board has changed.

You will also notice that there is a new notification when you first log into the PTS asking which country you’re playing the game in. If you’re in a non-PEGI country, you will go straight to the game. If you’re in a PEGI country, there will be new legal text explaining that the rating for the game has changed, and you will need to either accept or decline this change to continue.

Additional new features include the highly-anticipated Provisioning revamp, plus the new Collections UI, improved combat animations, and changes to the Trials Leaderboards. In addition, we have tons of fixes and improvements to all other aspects of the game. We look forward to reading your feedback about everything!
Gina Bruno
Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Crafting & Economy
    • Banners for some dye stations have been named by their owners.
    • The banker Talqua in Greenshade will now always correctly offer access to the guild store.
    • You will now receive gold from the small gold piles scattered throughout Tamriel.
    • Some surveyed wood will no longer be mysteriously on fire.
    • Leather dropped from animals will now be level-appropriate for the difficulty of the zone where they are found.
    • Sheep and goats will now produce raw leather components when slain.

    • Increased the stack size of all raw and refined crafting materials to 200.
    • Significantly increased the chance to receive gold boosters from refining.
    • Significantly decreased the chance to receive gold boosters, gold aspect runes and purple provisioning ingredients from hireling mails.
    • Added a significant chance to receive gold boosters, gold aspect runes, and purple provisioning ingredients from crafting writ rewards.
    • Certain herbs in Craglorn survey reports no longer grow in the exact same spot.
    • Crafting Certification and Writs are now only offered if you are at least level 6.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not progress through the Provisioner Certification quest.
    • Adjusted the messaging when you must choose between certification trainers for crafting so it’s clearer.
    • Millenith now has a marker appear over her head for the Crafting Certification quest in Davon's Watch.
    • Adjusted the location of some hostile enemies and survey reports relative to each other in Craglorn to allow slightly safer harvesting.
    • Crafting Writ quest pins for delivering goods will now display on the map immediately after crafting all the required items.
    • Fixed an issue that could sometimes result in items not registering for crafting writ objectives.
    • The Rift now has a grocer.
    • Certain harvestable objects in Cyrodiil that couldn't be harvested before can now be harvested.
    • Quest markers during crafting certification quests will now behave more expectedly and reliably.
    • Fixed an issue where traits would sometimes not appear in the Smithing UI window.
    • The book "Enchanting Made Easy" now accurately describes the re-enchantment of items.
    • Clothier crafting stations will now be given an appropriate quest pin when on the step to craft goods.
    • Saying "never mind" to Danel Telleno will now allow you to leave the conversation for the Crafting Certification quest in Davon's Watch.
    • Fixed an issue where you were being directed to the incorrect delivery site for some Alchemy Writ quests.
    • Tiered the rewards from equipment crafting writs to provide an increased chance to receive a gold booster as you complete higher tier writs.

    • Fixed an issue where a rare fish in Stros M'kai could not be caught using appropriate bait.
    • You can now filet non-trophy fish that you catch into fish meat.
    • Trophy fish that previously had no sale value are now worth something to merchants.
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    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | ESO Twitter | My Twitter
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Dungeons & Group Content
    • Normalized the rate you gain experience in non-Veteran dungeons; there will no longer be a wide disparity between dungeons.
    • Veteran dungeons will now award significantly more experience.
    • Fixed an issue where multiple monsters inside various dungeons were not cooperating correctly with other monsters; they will now use abilities on each other, such as healing.

    • Banished Cells
      • You can no longer speak to Keeper Cirion to acquire the quest Banishing the Banished once you have found any of the other Keepers.
      • Cirion no longer rudely interrupts Areldur as she checks on Voranil after you save him.
      • Areldur will no longer appear in two places after you defeat the Skeletal Destroyer.
      • Added a quest pin to the optional step from the quest Banishing the Banished.
      • Shadowrend will now reset if you are unreachable for him.
    • Blackheart Haven
      • Fixed an issue where Shifty Tom would disappear forever if he got stuck.
    • City of Ash
      • Replaced all Imps with Scamps for lore-related reasons.
    • Crypt of Hearts
      • Athor and Zaven no longer reward Fighters Guild reputation when each dies. Instead, Fighters Guild reputation is rewarded once both Ilambris twins are defeated.
    • Direfrost Keep
      • The second speaking stone can no longer be interacted with while Eboric's ghostly image tells his tale.
    • Fungal Grotto
      • Kra'gh the Dreugh King's blockable attack now has a blockable telegraph.
    • Selene’s Web
      • Longclaw's Mirror Ward is much more resilient to enemy attacks now.
    • Vaults of Madness
      • Fixed an issue that was causing the final boss to despawn prematurely.
    • Volenfell
      • You can no longer talk to Tharayya when the objective is to leave the Pearl's chamber.
    • Wayrest Sewers
      • Updated several doors so they open after boss deaths to prevent you or your group members from getting blocked when arriving later in the dungeon.

    Veteran Dungeons
    • Veteran Banished Cells
      • Fixed an issue where the Ghost of Rilis would despawn before he finished killing the two skeletons as part of a theater scene.
    • Veteran Elden Hollow
      • The boss health bars for Dubrose and Dark Root will now continue to appear while moving around the large room where each boss spawns.
      • The Veteran Elden Hollow Speed Run now requires all six bosses to be killed within 20 minutes.
    • Veteran Spindleclutch
      • You can no longer escape Praxin's Harrowing Ring with movement based abilities.

    Dragonstar Arena
    • Heals from you or other player characters will no longer target the summoned spirits of Zackael and Rubyn.
    • Vampire Lord Thisa’s ability Drain Essence now has a proper telegraph.
    • Humanoid monsters in Dragonstar Arena will now drop gold upon death to help offset repair costs.
    • When defeating the final boss in Dragonstar Arena, the awarded points will now be displayed before the final score is shown.
    • Fixed an issue where Nix-Hounds and Banekin were not dropping their monster trophies.
    • Fixed an issue where Shield of the Footman was not dropping in Dragonstar Arena.

    • General
      • Adjusted monster health and damage in all trials to account for the Champion System.
      • Increased the boss health in Aetherian Archive and Hel Ra Citadel.
    • Aetherian Archive
      • The Mage will now enter Phase 2 at 20% health.
      • Adjusted the timing of the Mage’s abilities so you will start seeing more of his abilities earlier in the fight.
      • You can no longer dispel the Mage’s Meteors on difficult mode.
      • The Lightning Storm Atronach will now use his storm ability sooner after being engaged in combat.
    • Sanctum Ophidia
      • Reduced the health of the Mantikora’s adds on difficult mode.
      • Increased the time you have to dodge the Serpent’s World Shaper attack on difficult mode.
      • Increased the time that shields are available when the Serpent fights off the power of his stone.
      • Removed several monsters from the pack after you encounter the Stonebreaker.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | ESO Twitter | My Twitter
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