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Character becomes unresponsive and high Latency


Very often now my character becomes unresponsive, cant use weapons, spring, use objects or do anything else. I can run around. Chat seems to work, but my character is just not responding at all. This happens randomly, and my internet is not going down when it happens.

Also. Howcome I never go below 70 in latency when the servers are supposed to be in Germany? My latency to Germany should be in the 30-40s range. Is this really true, or just a lie to us customers?
We have contacted our Customer support team to help you solve your issue.
  • ZOS_MollyH
    Hi @Amiarah‌ ! I have created a support ticket on your behalf, and an agent should be in touch with you soon to see if we can help get this resolved for you!
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  • Reremnu
    Exactly the same thing happens to EU players from different countries. I feels like either EU wide connection problem or server problem
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