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Game Freezes When I Click Login

Soul Shriven
So I just installed ESO, direct from the website download to no fishiness there. After fully patching I had some issues where the game would launch to a black screen and idle from the launcher, I fixed this via an edit to the UserSettings.txt file as suggested in an older thread. I can no get to the Login screen everytime, although 50% of the time my launcher says complete and 50% it says initializing. Play is always available regardless.

When I enter my login info and click Login or Enter, the game freezes. The music continues to play but the program doesn't do anything, I have waited on this for 5+ mins just to be sure.

I have the recommended UserSettings from other threads, I have ports open and I tried with both my Firewall and Anti-Virus off (Windows 8.1, Avira). I have also tried starting the program in a windowed mode instead of full screen, no dice.

I haven't been able to find anymore threads with new tips for this, so hopefully I can get some guidance here. What do?

Just as an aside I have updated Drivers, I'm using an NVidia card and AMD Processor with 64Bit Windows 8.1, although the client is 32Bit in Task Manager. My machine is more than enough to play this game on High/Ultra and I am having no Internet issues with other programs.
  • ZOS_MollyH
    Hi @Page‌ -

    What we can try to resolve this specific issue is to have you delete the ShaderCache.cooked file which can be found in the game documents folder.

    The default location for the file is C:\Users\*USERNAME*\My Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live. After that file is deleted, run the game as administrator, and it will recompile that file. If that does not resolve the issue, let us know for further troubleshooting.
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  • Page
    Soul Shriven
    That did the trick! Thank you.
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