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Game crashes every time a log in with my character.

Soul Shriven

When I try to log in on my main character the game crashes when the loading screen shows up. I tried to relog many times and nothing helps. I guess my character is in a bugged area or something and because of that the game crashes everytime I want to login.

Is there a fix for this problem?
  • FerociousMilk
    Soul Shriven
    This worked for me. Enter your program files and click on the zenimax online file, right click bethesda.net_launcher(application) and select properties. Click the compatibility tab and run the program in compatibility mode windows xp (service pack 3) this solved all my disconnect issues. NOTE: I use a cataclysm WOW mouse from steelseries and when I did this the game started running great however I need to figure out why all my mouse buttons aren't responding. Small price to pay for this epic game to finally start working properly.
    Edited by FerociousMilk on May 31, 2014 9:00AM
  • cata1332
    Soul Shriven
    BROOOOOOOOO FerociousMilk
    i had the same problem and you fix it i LOOOOOOOOOOOVE you man thank you thank you thank you.
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