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Loading screen

Soul Shriven
Hi, I just bought game yesterday, and download was done this morning, but when I try to get in the game (character creation at first) I get stuck at loading screen, I managed to get in and create character but now again infinite loaoding screens, I tried looking for solutions here but no luck, either topics are outdated or not relevant, any help would be appriciated, thank you
  • Gyudan
    There is always a long loading screen when you start the game right after an update and it's probably the same for new installs.

    You can do the following:
    - see if it works after waiting 5-10 mins in the loading screen
    - check the size of you "C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online" folder. It should be a bit under 40GB. If it's not, the game didn't download properly.
    - try repairing your client with the launcher: Game Options (in the middle above the news) > Repair
    - if this doesn't work, submit your game consultant for customer support to look at: gear icon on the top right corner > about > game consultant
  • Zeoneas
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you for your reply, I got it working by switching to windowed(fullscreen) mode, but thank you anyways, loving game so far (only level 7 though :blush: )
  • Nallenil
    There have been a lot of infinite loading screens lately. Today after spending all this time making a new character who looks nice and has the right race/class, i get stuck in an infinite loading screen right from the start . That's not a good sign to new players ZOS if they get an infinite loading screen on day 1.
  • Mightylink
    This happens to me when I try to put shadows on ultra, idk why because I got a really beefy pc, it just wont load unless I lower it to high shadows.
    Mightylink - Nord Battlemage (Sorcerer)
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