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surprise attack question

So it debuffs enemies armor by 40%. But armor only right? Since armor is what is used to calculate damage mitigation from weapon damage based attacks and spell resist is used to mitigate damage from skills based off of spell power, how do NB melee skills like impale, ambush, surprise attack, and such work when used against a target that has the surprise attack debuff on them? The strength of these skills are based off of spell damage but the crit is based off of melee crit not spell crit. It seems that if they are based off of spell damage, spell resist is what would be used to calculate mitigation. But I know ESO skill mechanics are wonky so perhaps this is incorrect thinking. Anyone know if these skills go off of armor or spell resist?

O, and WTF happened to ambush?! I didn't notice the stun was taken away in PvP! Why the heck did they do this?
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  • Jacques Berge
    Jacques Berge
    ... Okie doke, let me address a few things for you. Firstly, i prefer concealed weapons over surprise attack. The buff to sneak speed is pretty great. Secondly, all of the Melee based class skills are mitigated by armor. That means surprise attack, ambush, impale. I agree the mechanics are wonky.

    Ambush never stunned in open combat. The tool tip was a little stupid. Ambush only stunned npcs and monsters, this has always been the case.

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  • Stannum
    Ambush can stun players if done from stealth (as other skills can), or can not as in mass PvP two possibilities exist: either you are immune to CC or you are under CC.
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