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Minor soulgem rez improvement idea

About rezzing low level players in PvP. Currently you can rez them using inferior soulgems(appropriate to their level), however nobody really carries those in Cyrodiil, so you either have to waste a grand soul gem rezzing that level 18, or leave the poor sod lying in the dust.

How about introducing a chance of a soul gem not being spent when rezzing a player whose level is below that of the soulgem, by 10% per tier of difference.

Meaning, if i use a grand soul gem to rez a player who could have been rezzed by a greater soul gem(one tier down), there will be a 10% chance i won't spend my grand soulgem in the process. If i rez a level 10 player (9 tiers down) then the chance i keep my grand soulgem is 90%.

This should make it more attractive to rez those poor newbies, hopefully improving their experience in PvP. It's not a big thing, but the mechanics are already in place(templars have an innate 50% chance not to spend a gem) so it shouldn't be too much work to implement this.
  • DezIsDead
    I vote yes, because I use 40-50 gems a night, and I always get a little angry when I Rez a level 35. I think to myself "does he even have gems to Rez others?". So I endorse this idea because yeah.
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