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Argonian Night Blade

Soul Shriven
Hello all Eso People, I currently have a vr 10 argonian night blade and now think that I picked the wrong race i use duel wield medium armor and a rest staff and pvp but should I reroll as a different race ?
  • AlexDougherty
    I did, got to level 10 with my Argonian Nightblade as well, and hit a brick wall in PVE quests.

    Currently Trying an Orc Nightblade with a mix of armours, mostly Heavy, and he is going much better. Khajiit and Nords might work well too.

    Can't say about PVP, but I'm thinking it's the same issues.

    Edit~ My Orc Nightblade is now level 24 and going strong.
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  • PandaSnaps
    Soul Shriven
    I did some pvp and found that he is doing well i 1 v 1 the emperor and killed him and the poison resist is most helpful
  • Artis
    You can't use "argonian" and "wrong race" in one sentence. It's the best race in ESO. It's like Taurens in WoW.

    You can come up with the best names possible if your character is of this race :) You can customize your character in so many ways. And those racials are actually pretty good for NB. Increased healing and increased potions effect synergize with NB siphoning skill line pretty good. Not to mention that no one can swim faster than you :)

    p.s. I played as an argonian on beta. Didn't pick him in the end only because I like trying to make my character look like me :) And I don't really look like a lizard . I think, I might make an argonian alt just because of all the fun I can have customizing his looks and choosing his name.
  • tinythinker
    Jewelry with potion cool-down reductions can really help take advantage of the Argonian, Alchemy, and Nightblade passives for increasing the effectiveness/duration of potions. This is the advantage of an Argonian NB. Not everyone wants to maximize or utilize that advantage, and may find a different race better suited to the kind of build and play style they prefer, but it can be very useful for those who do capitalize on it.
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  • Sord
    I rolled a Khajit NB got him to VR3 and rerolled because Argonian are THEE best to synergize with NB. The potion bonus of +45% stacked with the 5 second cool down and alchemy time bonus makes potion heals 100% up time. If you are not an alchemist all I can say is try that angle. My Argonian NB is VR2 and I am loving him. Also of note is the new update to Death Stroke > morphed to Soul Harvest Ultimate ability along with the MA set Shrouded Armor (of Shadow armor) you also get another amazing super fast heal topped with the Argonian skill line to healing doesn't hurt. It is a super fast ulimate, in pvp you can reduce a person heal and add 20% damage that you do and gain ultimate when you kill them.
    I also have been enjoying the 2h mace or sword for the armor penetration or extra damage stacked with moment and Teleport Strike (Ambush) for the extra damage for next attack and then hit them with veiled strike (sneak attack) to reduce armor by 40% stacked with the maces 20% you are breaking through some armor. Plus momentum heals you as well. I also use mace and board for my second weapon with siphon for heals and the heal in conjunction with the ultimate and the heal from momentum carries over to the sword and board. I am hard to kill. I am waiting till higher levels because being VR2 in pvp against others well isn't even right. It is fun to me, but maybe a resto staff might be a good alt for 2 weapon slot. Plus your potions. B) good stuff. Share your build or find a build here at Fate's Legacy!
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