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Genesis Elite Downs Sanctum Ophidia

After being stuck on Serpent for the past three weeks we've honed our strategies and pulled all the stop on our healing and dpsing, and we finally downed him! This makes us the first Daggerfall Covenant guild to down SO to date. While a bit late to the party in comparison to AD and EP guilds, we're still proud to say we've done it: it was one tough son of a troll.
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  • Mumyo
    Isn't the boss easier as usual? From what i heard there is some unwanted help from Zenis failpatching. In case im wrong u gratulate you! I'm pretty sure its tough anyway.
  • Nifty2g
    The Serpent boss is as hard as ever, Mantikora has had a nerf and some trash have a smaller amount of health - Though we were making it to the Serpent post patch anyway, so either way patch or not it was only an amount of time until we beat it
  • Artis
    Let's be honest, even if there's "unwanted help" there is also a taunt issue which makes it up .
    The real question is why he had to highlight that they are the first DC guild and create this topic at all haha:)

    People who care about SO saw everything on leaderboards. OP is such a show-off :P
    Edited by Artis on November 10, 2014 9:32AM
  • ericprydz82ub17_ESO
    Now is this only a US DC first or a World DC first? Also, many guilds have completed it already and anything after the first for US and EU is just trying to get any attention they can.
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  • Blizaria
    Soul Shriven
    Now is this only a US DC first or a World DC first? Also, many guilds have completed it already and anything after the first for US and EU is just trying to get any attention they can.

    There really is only one classic argument tactic that counters this and I think right now it's justly deserved...

    Says you :p

    Congrats GE! Serpent is dead life is good. Haters gonna hate!

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  • Artis
    And yes, congrats, guys. Good job. Your hard work paid off.
    Edited by Artis on November 14, 2014 10:34AM
  • Butters21
    Congratulations good to see more people clearing now!
  • Cutholen
    Congratulations, well done.
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  • Tripwyr
    Congrats guys, content like serpent is a real challenge with the taunt bug.
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  • rozcinana
    Congratulations on the clear!
    Edited by rozcinana on November 15, 2014 7:35PM
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  • RavishedPsyche
    Good job :)
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