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Official Discussion Thread for "Presenting the Six-Month Loyalty Reward"

This is the official discussion thread for the web article "Presenting the Six-Month Loyalty Reward." Learn about the Loyal Dwarven Sphere, coming exclusively to six-month subscribers starting this month!
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  • Volkodav
    I wonder if we who have been here all along will get it or if its only for those who joined 2 months after the trials.A Dwemer sphere would be a lot cooler than the Ice thingy. :}
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  • Thavie
    So, "soon", yeah?..
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  • radiostar
    lol, I gotta make an alt 4 mah pets!
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  • Arugaf
    ZOS_JasonLeavey, what about trophies from public group dungeons? Will they further take the place in bags?
  • Whizzinglane
    A new Pet? Awesome! <3 As other players above stated, we need a better system to store pets... a separate inventory for them that is available to us at any time. Simply add a tab under inventory. That tab will not count against us as far as space is concerned. As we are discussing space, it will be cool if the inventory space is increased or decrease the cost we have to pay to buy an additional-10-slot. I'm sure many of us here will appreciate it. I'm a hoarder. I know I will appreciate it. =)

    And the previous pet we received for being a loyal three-month customer? It was a nice little present. The sound the Wraith makes is adorable rather than scary. I travel with him always while I am on my main character, lol. He keeps me company and I get a chuckle every time he makes that not so scary little noise. The downside to this is that I have to have him in the bank in order for my other characters to use. I wish it could be made an account wide pet... that each of my characters receives one of their own. Thanks ESO!
  • ZingyDevotee
    I was hoping for a new mount of some sorts. But this seems pretty neat.
  • thri11co11ector
    IMO they are unlikely to give anything but pets and costumes for these rewards.

    Inventory space or anything else of the like could be viewed as an unfair advantage by others. While I don’t see a problem myself with rewarding loyal customers, I’m sure the rage posts would spike here in the forums.
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  • SG_Celerrimus
    So, when will these pets start going to people? @ZOS_JasonLeavey
  • Darklord_Tiberius
    This is the official discussion thread for the web article "Presenting the Six-Month Loyalty Reward." Learn about the Dwemer Sphere, coming exclusively to six-month subscribers starting this month!

    I know many people that could care less about pets. Is this loyalty thing going to be anything practical at some point or just pets?

    When can we see new mounts in this game? Give us RACIAL mounts or at least a mount specifically for each faction. For example, a Wamasu mount for Pact would seem fitting. I have heard rumors and read some forums about a Senche Tiger mount coming into the game? Well that is fine and dandy for the Dominion, but makes zero sense for any other faction using it. If you are going to add mounts, lets use some logic about what types and how to implement them.
  • Whizzinglane
    I think we can expect any type of mounts or other fanciful gifts during anniversaries celebrations. However, adding a rare mount in there that can be earned via a line of quests as a reward would be welcome.
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  • Vlorne
    Soul Shriven
    While we are on the subject of inventory, its ridiculous how much time we have to spend shifting inventory. We've made it so difficult to sell things (no auction house) but yet so little inventory space. Maybe a fix is in order. Half my game time is sorting inventory. Makes for dull gameplay.
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  • MrGhosty
    I am digging this dwemer sphere, it'll be cool when I eventually get some dwemer armor. I was hoping this reward would be a bit more substantial like a mount or something a long those lines.

    My dream list for mounts: (i'm not being realistic here, just swinging for the fences.)

    Mammoth: Huge stamina pool with fairly slow speed

    Senche Tiger/Sabre Cat: Fast base speed, fast sprint, low stamina

    Guar: slow speed/low stamina/20 extra inventory slots

    Clannfear: Same basic stats as imperial horse, cannot have bag slots

    Titan: slow speed/medium stamina, rather than sprinting the titan can glide for short distances (only cosmetic, couldn't be used to bypass walls or anything like that)

    Wamasu: slow speed, super fast sprint (short duration)

    I'm also fine with some of these larger pets being unmountable in any area where they would not fit naturally. To be honest I just think charging a keep in Cyrodiil on my mammoth would be amazing.

    Additional Subscriber rewards:
    Main quest costume (the one at the end with the Molag Bal fight)

    Akaviri Costume (three styles)

    unique dye palette

    More unique costumes in general that aren't disguises or some ability to customize costumes.

    Again these are just my "pie in the sky" wants, while it is awesome to have different pets for characters their value diminishes when we are buried under pets. This also is not much of a reward for those who have no interest in pets, there are many cosmetic or quality of life gifts that can be made that will not negatively impact the gameplay of those who have not yet reached the mark, but still remain enough of a carrot that they will anticipate receiving them.

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  • Lava_Croft
    While the rewards' intentions are appreciated, why is there such a complete disregard for people who don't really care and/or play PvE? After more than half a year of new PvE stuff and two PvE loyalty rewards very little has changed for the better in Cyrodiil.
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  • SG_Celerrimus
    In my opinion, I rather enjoy the pets as reward. Would a more exclusive feeling set of rewards be more fun, possibly, but lets not forget that this is the SECOND reward, and they will be doing many more. Also, this is neither something they are required to do, nor is gameplay crucially based off of these rewards, they are simple quality of life perks that ZOS is giving their player base because they care.
  • Sotha_Sil
    LonePirate wrote: »
    Words cannot express how pathetic and underwhelming this reward is.

    I completely agree, this is ridiculous. Many suggestions have already been made and they chose not to listen AGAIN. I am sorry but it's the reality. I mean do you really expect players to keep subscribing with that reward ? Even no rewards at all would have been better because at least we wouldn't have been treated like fools.

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  • Soulharvester
    Thank you very much for the pets, love them all!

    I think a dialogue from the pet could be fun! Maybe read the adventures of pacrooti at request, or recent adventuring exploits etc.

    It could give the owner of the pet the ability to shape/teach the pet, to the users likes and dislikes, since we all have different tastes more or less. Make for an interesting RP compilation.


  • Palidon
    Hey ZOS did you ever think to ask what the players might like? Enough of these pets. At least give an option, take a pet or maybe get some skill points or something else for that matter a set of Armor as an example.
  • AshySamurai
    This! Is! Awesome! Dwemer pet! Nice work, ZOS!
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  • hellkrasher
    Another pet :S
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  • Wyld
    Can I suggest the 1 year reward be a Wammasu Mount? Now That would get some attention and a lot of use.
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