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Playing Normal Dungeons.

Soul Shriven
Hi everyone,

I have obtained recently the Vet1 Rank. Until now I hadn't played any Group Dungeon and now I would like to play as a Tank (I am Dragonknight, 2h or 1h+shield). but before starting with the vet dungeons i would like to play the normal ones because i prefeer know the bosses and the stories and learn how to tank in a "easy" mode.

If I use the Group Finder it just allows me to select the Vet dungeons so I can't find group for the normal ones.

There is any way i can play the normal dungeons before i start playing the veteran?

Thank you in advance.

Oh! I love this game, gratzs to Zenimax.
  • smacx250
    There is a "Dungeon Mode" button in the group finder to select either "normal" or "vet" modes. Doesn't matter if you use it to group or not - it still sets the mode.
  • Rosveen
    There is no easy mode anymore, all dungeons scale to the group leader's level. If you want them easier, run with lowbies.
  • nachomiralles
    Soul Shriven
    I select normal mode in the finder, but it does not allow me select the dungeon in normal level, always said "Veteran rank 1 to Rank 14" or something like that.

    So, if I find a lvl 40 who will want to play normal dungeons, it will be easy mode (without interesting rewards, i assume, i look for see the dungeons and learn the mechanics) but i cant find it with the finder. I need to spam in the chat something like "Vet 1 Tank looking for normal dungeon".
  • schroed360
    Don't know which faction you are but you should just go to the main city of your second zone, there you ll find quite a lot of poeple who create group for the pledge either the vet one or the normal one.
    Edited by schroed360 on November 17, 2014 2:30PM
  • Syntse
    First do not use Group finder, you will not find group with it.

    Go each zone of your faction and join group doing dungeon, quite often people are asking in zone chat for more members to join dungeon specific to that zone.

    Go to your faction capital and there will be people doing undaunted pledges and asking more people to dungeons on zone chat.
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