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Blazing Shield Abuse

  • Cody
    olsborg wrote: »
    tplink3r1 wrote: »
    olsborg wrote: »
    Blazing shield is ridiculous. Ive been hit for 5k damage several times by it, theres no counter except running away. While we are talking about ridiculous templar abilities, Biting Jabs. Currently if youre unlucky and the templar is lucky, he can keep you permastunned with the biting jabs spam taking you from full hp to dead, its stupid.
    you can break free and block.

    nope, if youre already stunned once, you cant do anything for the next 10+ spams. It doesnt even offer cc immunity after the stun.

    Templars that do nothing but spam this ability are just bad. I don't like calling players "bad" but they really are pretty terrible at this game.

    I have alot of fun hitting them with sparks, and watching it miss me every time(it counts as a melee skill) eventually, the Templar will run out of mana, and they either:
    a. run away
    b. get killed by my awesomeness

    you can also block it(though I don't advise it unless you have a lot of stamina, or shield passives) or just roll away and watch them hit air.

    though I do agree with you, if you do get caught in it, you almost cant break out. its basically a perma stun ability if you are unlucky enough to get caught in it.

    don't worry though, most Templars that do this go down easy. just dodge it while they spam it, when their mana is gone, kill them. its good fun:)
  • Armitas

    It's over 3 thouusaandddd!
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    Nord mDK
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