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Error 201 (7:4:387:1007) Help!

Soul Shriven

First off I wanted to apologies in advanced if I am posting in the wrong area but... here goes.

I hail from the North America and I wanted to finally transfer over to the EU Mega server; I uninstalled my ESO:NA and re-installed the ESO:EU. I spent over 5 hours downloading, updating, and patching this game. However, the problem I am getting is an error.

It reads:
"Error 201 (7:4:387:1007) Log in failed. Please try again. Should the problem persist, contact Customer Support:"

I have all ready ran the repair option - are there any other alternatives how to fix this without having to reinstall my client or is it preferred that I uninstall EVERYTHING. Any help, tips, or advice would be most amazing and helpful. I would appreciate it immensely!

Thank you~

  • Night_Watch
    Hello elswyr,

    Though you have problably looked at the following linked page already, I post it for reference;

    You wrote about uninstalling ESA:NA and installing ESA:EU. I have never looked at changing server and, as such, I may not be the best source of advice! However, three things come to mind (two being similar and all of which may seem obvious or be irrelevant);
    • In the game launcher>'SETTINGS-LAUNCHER', we can choose megaserver and should choose the one we intend to play on.
    • Are not the EU and NA game files essentially the same with the difference in server use being account based?
    • Could it be that your account is [still] registered to play on ESO:NA and thus will not work on ESO:EU?

    Sorry I can not think of anything else to offer up in the way of help at this time. I have bookmarked this thread and will give more input if I can think of anything useful.

    Good luck and kindest regards.
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  • Neyephe
    I have had this error multiple times with the NA server. Sometimes a simple computer restart helps, but what cleared most of it up was creating an exception for the launcher and ESO in my anti-virus and running ESO as administrator. I honestly dont remember how I did those, since I did step by step from customer support, but it hasn't happened since I did their "fix."
  • ZOS_GaryA
    Hey there @Elswyr,

    Error 201 occurs when there is a connectivity error between you and the server. This can occur for quite a few reasons, such as an out of date client or an anti-virus/firewall block. We have an article on our [url="[/url] that explains some of the common fixes. Please let us know if these are helpful!

    EDIT: Fixed the link so it didn't include the search
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