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Invisible Enemy Negate

Needs fixing right now - sick of it
  • JLB
    Mist Form or Swarm? Or both?
  • Spangla
    No just negate not being able to see it
  • demonlkojipub19_ESO
    Sometimes negate is this strange sparkly field thats hard to notice, not the normal bubble.
  • Spangla
    and most of the time it is neither!
  • Armitas
    Even when you can see it, it is actually larger than the purple dome.

    the addon Combat Cloud helps out a lot. It will tell you if you are standing in an invisible field
    Edited by Armitas on September 2, 2014 7:14PM
    Nord mDK
  • Illumous
    They reduced the number of particle effects that can be up at any given time (client side) for cyrodiil to help reduce lag and prevent constant memory leak crashes. The problem is that now certain effects aren't becoming visible in more intense fights (negate and healing springs being the most noticeable due to their size). Combat Cloud helps, but I would still like to be able to see negate fields.
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  • jrgray93
    I guess that's why I never see my Cleanse...

    They've got to figure out something better. Visual feedback is important. My system can handle it...
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