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Cancellation question

No, this is not an "I'm quitting" thread.

All I want to know is if I cancel my current subscription (paid up through November 6) does it cancel the account immediately, or can I keep playing until November 6 and have the option to re-up anytime between now and then?

I'm not rage-quitting, I just am not looking to stop playing today and unsure if I want to continue, so if I "quit" do I get to keep the subscription I paid for?

  • Auric_ESO
    of course. its always been this way with eso and other mmos. you have the option to reup any time before and after nov 6. Your characters will still be there waiting for you. But on nov 6. Dont know what time your access to the servers and forums would end.
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  • DuelWieldingCheesyPoofs
    Yes, u can play uptill what u paid
  • Silowyi
    Thank you!
  • Epona222
    Yes yes, of course - if you have paid up to a certain date already, you can play up to that date, even if you remove your credit card details from your account now. You can play for however long you have already paid for.

    Example - at the beginning of August, I paid for 3 months subscription and the fee for that was taken from my credit card. So no matter what happens between now and then, I can play up until the beginning of November because I've already paid for that time, only then do I have to either renew my sub or quit.
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  • SeltzerDuke
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