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Coldharbour Dark Anchors

I just got to this zone and as is my usual, I explore as much as I can prior to questing

So, I realize it's going to be different in Coldharbour but I see achievements for dark anchors yet I'm not finding any.

I would think we could destroy the Coldharbour dark anchors to prevent them from gathering Tamriel souls. Not the case?
  • Artemiisia
    cold harbour dark anchor achievement, aint just cold harbour the location :)

    its all the maps in the 3 factions and cyrodil you need to destroy to get it
  • AlexDougherty
    Dark Anchors are for the plane meld, they bind Tamriel to Cold Harbour. Cold Harbour already conforms to Molag Bals will, so doesn't need the anchors, in a way it is the anchors.

    Souls are captured by other means, soul gems usually.
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