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Talent Calculator

Will ZOS produce an official talent calculator and post it on this Web site in the next day or two?

Edit: After reading this I realized it sounded more like a personal request than a question. It is not, however I am sure the ESO community would be more than grateful if it is being worked on.
Edited by sockthi3f on April 3, 2014 9:07PM
  • Ri_Dariit
    Has this one heard about ESOhead? There you can find calculator for skills and grouping by race. This might not be complete, but solid enough so far for planning purposes.
    Fusozay Var VarJaji kor nirni. Ri'Dariit ahnurr shir Gouranga an vasa rid-t'har.
  • TeliosMadronin
    While's calc definitely isn't perfect, it is more than adequate to plan your skill points and slot choices.
  • TwistedRiddlesb14_ESO
    I would really like a calculator that would calculate actual numbers. Like where you could input stat choices and level and such and it will actually change the numbers. ESOhead's calculator lets you set your level, so I am hoping maybe they are planning to do that eventually, but it doesn't change numbers, at least for me it doesn't.
  • TeliosMadronin
    Maybe is what you are looking for.

    The best calculator is usually in game.
  • Cthulhette
    My advice would be to wait for update 4 to go live. I believe there's going to be a small window of time where the respec costs are awkwardly low, so you can test builds to your heart's content. Much better than a simulator imho.
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