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Skill Change Request(s): Heavy Armor skill tree

  • Cogo
    Anyone other then me who think heavy armor is good as it is?

    Heavy armor: BEST normal defense (Yes yes, they working on that). MAGIC defense should NOT be included in HEAVY armor.
    Heavy armor: Should give SOME help to HEAVY attacks. It does. (Yes yes, they working on it.

    Heavy armor should NOT only be for tanking!

    Anyone disagree?
    Edited by Cogo on July 24, 2014 4:19AM
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  • JackDaniell
    GTech_1 wrote: »

    [*]Resolve: Change to: "Reduces all incoming damage by 1% per piece of Heavy Armor equipped." This would improve to 2% and 3% per piece, respectively, for the second and third points in the skill. Max benefit: 21% reduction to all incoming damage.
    [*]Retaliation: "When you block a single target attack, the attacker suffers damage equal to 0.5% of the damage blocked per piece of Heavy Armor equipped." This would improve to 1% per piece for the second point. Max benefit: 7% of blocked damage returned to the attacker.[/list]

    These two changes would be amazing for heavy armor. It would make running heavy (especialy in PvP) not only viable but just as strong an option.

    I am not a fan that one of the best ways to tank in PvP is to stack shields with a light magicka build. These changes to heavy would make it a great tank + have some kind of damage option for a berserker kind of build.

    Also, 7 heavy for 21% reduction, nord for 6% and Templar empowering sweep for a base of 21% more. Much tank :smiley:
    Ebonheart Templar
  • JackDaniell
    Perhaps to keep a change like this in line they could also reduce the amount of spell damage that blocking negates. Putting my staff up shouldn't be stopping fireballs from exploding in my face :wink:
    Ebonheart Templar
  • JLB
    Putting my staff up shouldn't be stopping fireballs from exploding in my face :wink:

    This is a good point.
    In the same line: one of the reason why Light Armour tankign is so viable is because the passives give you the most Spell Resistance.
    IMO, Spell Resistance should belong to Heavy Armour passives, as much as blocking with a shield should mitigate damage more than blocking with a stick.
  • pinstripesc
  • Daethz
    Honestly don't think retaliation is good enough though.
    It represents the only DPS of the set, 7% of a attackers damage will equal almost nothing in most situations.
    Obviously it would have to be different between pvp and pve.

    And yeah, its pretty lame on how you HAVE to pick light or medium armor for DPS.
    I believe that is a downfall of being able to pick any 3 for any class.
    And it could ruin the hopes of anyone who wants to be a heavy armored dps.. like me.
    Edited by Daethz on July 28, 2014 3:41AM
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