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Mercantile Exchange (Trade/craft-NA-US-AD)

Mercantile Exchange is a new Crafting/Trading-oriented Guild with the sole purpose to global cross trading (3 factions). Guild Bank and Guild Store unlocked! We are supported by the social community The Chosen but do NOT require membership in it. Also
Recruitment status: OPEN

Guild Store Policy
We promote a fair trade environment. Be reasonable when pricing your listing. This Guild will never set fixed prices and surely will not interfere on any self regulating market place. Malicious trading (scam attempts) will be monitored and dealt with should they occur.

Guild Bank Policy
We encourage a fair exchange of goods among members, withdrawing from the common bank should be driven by functional purpose only and never by speculation plans. We also encourage the use of the bank for craft-swapping to assist people wanting to level up their crafts en masse. Also do not deposit anything precious since it may and it will be taken.

Anyone interested in joining need merely message or wsp any of the following to request an invite:

PS, due to the multi-guild system of ESO be sure to mention that you're looking for the Mercantile Exchange to make it easier.
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  • aidan8et
    I am happy to announce that despite the summer MMO lull & the initial drop off of player base is still maintaining an average of 15-20% of our players online during peak hours. We are also still accepting new players.
  • ErosAmores
    I would like to join!

    Eros Amores
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