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[NA][AD] Alacrity - PvP Guild Recruitment

Alacrity is a hardcore PvP guild created by hardcore PvP players who came together in ESO. Among our roster we have some of the highest ranked Aldmeri Dominion players worldwide. We love Cyrodiil, the PvP it offers, and the time we spend throughout multiple campaigns.

We are specifically looking for dedicated, loyal team players. We seek players who enjoy the game, spending their time in Cyrodiil and who are willing to learn, increase their skill, and adjust their play style to meld with our team.

Most of our core players spend several hours each day in Cyrodiil. While we don’t expect this of every member, we are looking for hardcore players who love spending their days in Cyrodiil.

All of our players are required to have teamspeak and a working microphone, as well as be ready to learn and accept constructive criticism. We are looking for players with a team focused mindset. We work as a team, we play as a team, we are looking for team players, and if you are not willing to be a team player then we are not the guild for you.

Current Class Recruitment

Templar Healers
We have several positions open for group healing focused Templars. This is a full-time healing and team-play position. We are putting our lives in your hands.

Caster Nightblades
We have several positions open for caster-style Nightblades focusing on AoE DPS. We are looking for team players which requires you to stay with the group and play with the group. We are not looking for solo-build Nightblades who run off to gank.

Fire-Caster Dragonknights
We have a few positions open for caster-style Dragonknights focusing on AoE Dps. We are looking for team players which requires you to stay with the group and play with the group. Potential applicants will be on or near the front lines and must never overextend.

We are always willing to make exceptions for exceptional players. If you do fill any of the above roles but feel you would be a good fit for our team, we would enthusiastically encourage you to apply. Please understand that we play as a cohesive team, so please ensure you can contribute positively to our group.

Trial Process
Our trial process lasts between 2 and 4 weeks. Before formally inviting a potential applicant, we will first invite him or her to join our group in Cyrodiil for an initial compatibility evaluation. If we feel the applicant will be a worthwhile investment to the guild, they will be extended a formal invitation. During the trial period all applicants will be expected to play with the guild and demonstrate why they would be a valuable asset to the guild, while also learning and adapting to the unique playstyle of the group.

If so, post either in this thread with a short biography of you as a player, as well as your class, build and any relevant gameplay experience. What do you feel that you bring to our team? We will contact you through the forums or directly in-game.

Alternatively, contact Dyvith Manawrath in-game at @Dyvith. You may also contact Tripwyr Manawrath in-game at @Tripwyr.
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  • Anazasi
    Interesting, Would be fun to see. I'm a dedicated Templar VR12 healer
  • lapoint
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I've been looking for a hardcore PVP guild and I would love to see if I would be a good fit. I currently have a v12 DK that matches up perfectly with what you're looking for and also a v12 NB that could use a respec (aka gank build).

    Message me in game or find my near Fort Ash on Wabba - @lapoint‌

  • SteveRuimy
    Bump. We're still looking for Templars to lick our wounds
    Light You Up
    Member of Alacrity
    World rank #1 Trials timers
  • Raioh
    Soul Shriven
    Hey Dyvith, Light You Up,

    I'm very interested in in trialing/recruiting with you guys as a Templar healer. I've had alot of success and fun so far playing mostly alone or hopping on 111's and 222's to accomplish goals but I've come to realize I want to be on a team.

    This support class is whats in my heart. It's been my role of choice for 10 years strong and its still exciting to me. Theres alotta meta in it, especially the feeling of going up against another team with similar support, but I KNOW my teams health will be out of execute range, theyll be free of movement impairing effects and disease and knowing that my guys are going to tear your guys up. Also my positioning and movement are really good, 5 years of paladin healing in arenas (pally/warlock or rogue or warrior). I'm hard to nail down. If there was a pillar to hump I'd blow its mind but ill take any old rock outcropping or tree to LOS anyone that wants to focus me.

    Specs on my templar:

    39 days played
    3k+ HP in cyrodil
    2300 mag
    Perfect pve build
    Alliance war rank 14
    Retreating maneuvers r3 (morphed)
    Caltrops 3 (unmorphed)
    Propelling shield (morphed)
    Purge 2 (unmorphed)
    Replenishing barrier

    My bar 1 is fully support/heals for purge, shields, heals and barrier
    Bar 2 uses more stam, maneuvers, caltrops and has dark flare on it, it makes a big difference on people getting heals, and seems to help with ranging down leveled up menders.

    So I'd like the chance to trial with the Alacrity team. Ive got the chops, the playtime and I think I'm really an asset to whomever I team with.

  • Halrloprillalar
    You guys still on Wabba or ?
  • Ingenium01
    VR5 Altmer Templar here! Lots of free time, fast internets, likes pvp, est time... Thanks
    NA/AD- Malford, Altmer Templar
    "For the Dominion!"
  • reften
    V12 NB / DW & Bow

    Capped Magicka and Health (2600+)
    I run with 1400+ fire resist
    Capped armor
    Capped spell resist...and magicka / Health / Stamine recovery capped

    Purple Food at 200+
    All purple / Yellow gear.
    Nearly 8trait Med armor crafting abilities / 8 trait bow and shield

    Trial experience, Rapid maneuver morphed..just about every NB and Bow skill at morphed level 4. DW just flurry and whirling blades....purge

    Often times a group leader in Cyrodiil (PUGs right now till I find a good guild to roll with ;) )

    TS/Vent enabled.

    I like chocolate

    Can I join?
    Edited by reften on July 29, 2014 1:54PM
    Bosmer (Wood Elf)
    Moonlight Crew (RIP), Misfitz (RIP), Victorem Guild

    VR16 NB, Stam build, Max all crafts.

    Azuras & Trueflame. Mostly PvP, No alts.

    Semi-retired till the lag is fixed.

    Love the Packers, Bourbon, and of those will eventually kill me.
  • Draxys
    Hi Dyvith, is Alacrity still recruiting DKs?

    rip decibel
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