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Fastest, most fun quick fix for two handed dps

Simply let players do with two handers what many trash mobs in the game do with them:
Power attack for 3000+ damage on a stam build, but the power attack is ultra slow/interuptable,

So make it a charged attack, EG: Hold down the button as long you want - up to a maximum of 3 seconds, like a heavy attack, release to hit. allow only slow movement while it charges. but hits for around 3k base fully charged (and make full charged the best dps), scaling up to about 4k with top tier legendary gear and raid loot two hander (and make the raid loot 2hander not such a pile of garbage please).

Just simply replace uppercut with this. Call it Devastating Blow.

Morphs should add a huge armor debuff, say -30%, so follow up attacks are stronger. And other morph should change it to "Slow Charged Devastating blow". This morph would let you hold down the button longer, to 4 seconds, for up to +50% damage.

That'd give two handed roughly 1k dps, but at GRAVE risk to do so, as youd be in melee range, be moving very slow, and be a stamina build - thus unable to roll dodge or block after unloading your best attacks.

Keep the stam cost low/reasonable. The massive risk of using such an attack in an insanely fast paced game should be the cost, not a lot of stam.

(And change dodge roll/block/cc break to use a separate resource already, the game can never balanced until that is done)
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  • steinernein
    Yeah it's called light attack + wrecking blow.
  • temjiu
    Yeah it's called light attack + wrecking blow.

    You are generalizing and trivializing the OP's point, whether I agree or not.

    the idea is a skill that could be charged up. light attack = no charge. wrecking blow = cast time. no charge up there. and even with that combo, the mobs charge up abilities to a ton more damage then wrecking blow ever could (which I believe is another point the OP is making). It's honestly the weirdest balance I've ever seen in an MMO. Trash mobs that have more health and do more damage then the players do. but i digress...

    heavy attack actually has a charge up. not sure how many people would like having 2 charge up abilities in the melee line. I'd prefer it if they just balance stamina use and gave the weapon skills competitive damage AND synergies via passives.
  • steinernein
    A wrecking blow crit is pretty much the same as a mob charge up ability, a wrecking blow sneak attack is the hardest hitting attack in the game period.

    And hey look, a charged attack that slows you down and is interruptable... that's pretty much wrecking blow right there sans charge and a ridiculous amount of damage.
  • Moonchilde
    Hmm.. perhaps this could be done by a unique weapon class, such as Giant Weapon? Suppose these rarely drop off of giant mobs or large bosses - if you had one, and your 2-handed skill was say, over rank 40, then the speed of the weapon could simply be halved, and the damage doubled.

    But - I'd think it ought to naturally ignore a large amount of defense, physical or otherwise, both to offset your vulnerability, and because defenses are built based on an expected level of threat. A mortal with a sword no mortal would ever use is something you just don't prepare for.

    This was the concept behind Gut's sword 'the dragon slayer' in the Berserk series.
  • arnaldomoraleseb17_ESO
    The fastest and best fix Zenimax can do is lower uppercut cast time. It's simple.
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