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Damage increased on targets with low health?

What does this tooltip mean?

Damage is increased vs. enemies with low Health. From Whirlwind and its morphs in Dual wield.
Damage increasing based on target's health loss, to a maximum of X%. Reverse slash in Two-handed

Is it a reverse percentage? Fixed below a threshold? Something else?
Addon hell at the moment does not allow me to test, maybe someone else has already?
Attention Zenimax: Stamina builds don't hold up to magicka builds, and this is causing most of your class imbalance. It makes melee weapons and bows weaker than staves and class abilities. It makes medium and heavy armor less desirable than light armor. Fix this imbalance, and you'll address most of your balance issues.
  • Tannakaobi
    Killers Blade was less than 20% health. My addon brings up a yellow text stating low health which is also less than 20%.

    So maybe that. Couldn't say for sure.
  • SirPuppingtonVonHat
    With those abilities, the damage is fixed until you hit a certain threshold (usually around 20-25% health). Once this is hit, the damage done spikes upward. This usually occurs in one of two ways:
    1] Attack does flat damage Y before threshold, and then jumps up to damage level Y'. where Y' > Y. The dual wield passive execute works this way.
    2] Attack does flat damage Y before threshold, and then begins to sharply increase at a rate of M. Reverse Slash, Whirlwind, and their morphs behave this way.
    The Psijic Order
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