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Crystal Fragment Proc?


in the Description of this Spell it says it can Proc after using a Spell that cost Mana and if it does you can cast a Spell at the half the Cost instant.

I have tested this Morph and it don`t work on most the of the Spells if it procs. If i use Magefury and i get a Proc, i can`t use it for another Magefury to half the Cost as an Example. I can only use the Crystal Fragment Morph and then it uses the Bonus.

So the Spell offers me the Chance to get a proc for an instant Crystal Fragment Spell at half cost but not the Option to use this Proc with another Spell to cast it instant at half cost?

MFG Murmeltier.
  • Frcyr
    Yes, the instant proc is only for crystal fragment and not for any other skill. So if you cast a skill and recieve the proc you can cast crystal fragment instant and with less magicka cost.
    Edited by Frcyr on June 26, 2014 8:18AM
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  • Murmeltier
    Ah thank you, i can`t read this from the Description of the Spell, it sounds more like if it procs you can use a spell at half cost instant.

    Sometimes i have Problems to detect what they mean with their Descriptions :D .

    MFG Murmeltier.
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