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Vampire/Werewolf skill lines

Say i'm a vampire already with related quest completed. And i maxed out this skill line. What happens if i'm cured? Does skill line remains or it disappear and invested skill points are returned(or not)?
And after cure, can i go and start Werewolf line? Or maybe get the vamp bite again?

Thank you
  • UPrime
    You don't lose your progress, so if you become a vamp again, you'd still be lvl 10. You can then become a WW and level that line.

    I'm not sure about if the points are returned or not.
  • Worstluck
    If you cure the disease, the skill points are not refunded, until you go to the respec shrine. They stay where you placed them, so if you get infected again, they skill points would be there. I recommend respeccing first before curing, if you would like to use those skill points somewhere else.
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  • mra4nii
    Thank for explanation. If i had doubts in playing both lines, now i certainly will do this:)
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